Music Monday Shuffling the Playlist Part 2 #music


Hello my friends. welcome back to Music Monday. Last week was a huge hit with everyone when I hit shuffle on my playlist. So I thought why not do it again. As I am traveling home today I thought it would be fun to mix it up.

So please grab a partner or a broom. Get on your dancing shoes and lets hit the dance floor. As always if you have a favorite song, group or album you are listening to drop me a line if the comment sharing it. I love discovering new music and artists so come one let’s dance.

Shuffling the Playlist

 Maroon 5 ~ Don’t wanna Know

Blake Shelton ~ Every Time I Hear That Song

Boy Meets Girl ~ Waiting For a Star to Fall

Starship ~ Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

Let’s Talk: Who are you listening to today? Are you in a dancing mood or a quiet mood?

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  1. Thanks for the music ideas! I don’t listen to music as much as I should. I really like Maroon 5. I will have to try it out.

    • Music is life in out house. Between my love of it and my son being in the band, music is always going here. I am so glad that you enjoyed my picks today.

  2. I’m currently listening to the Moana soundtrack as we get ready for the Princess’ party. I actually hadn’t seen the video for Don’t Wanna Know so thanks for sharing that!

  3. Isn’t it so cool how music brings you to a memory or a place.. I love the way it happens . I love this Maroon 5 song and the Starship song brings me back to High School

  4. Love the shuffle idea, and I’m always putting my iPod on shuffle so I get a variety of musical surprises! These are all great choices, and I’m going to add some of them to my own playlist!

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