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I can’t believe the school year is almost over for us.  In 8 weeks summer begins and I will officially have a senior. With a senior comes college, scholarship and other applications. It means lots of hours at the computer and tons of printing. I would shudder at this thought because the ink is expensive but last year I upgraded my HP printer and signed up for instant ink.

Best decision EVER!!

Instant Ink

Why you should sign up for Instant Ink

Savings ~  Yes believe it or not with a monthly ink plan you can save money. I did the math. I signed up for the basic package of 4.99 a month that gives me 100 pages a month to print. After a year on the plan I paid $60.00 and I have replaced both ink cartridges 3 times. If I had paid for the combo packs I normally buy at a warehouse store they cost me $39.95 + tax. when you do the math I have saved over $60  this year alone. that makes me want to continue saving.

Instant Ink

Shipped to my door  ~  When my printer reads low ink HP sends me new cartridges. I  no longer need to wait for someone to drive me to the store in order to print when I run out of ink. Because HP sends the ink in plenty of time all I do is switch them out. I love that it comes to me without fuss.

Instant Ink

Recycling ~  One of the coolest features of instant ink is they recycle your old cartridges for you for free. In each shipment, you are given a postage paid envelope to send back your empty cartridge to be recycled. So not only do I save money but I also am helping the planet.

Let’s Talk:

Do you instant ink monthly service? What is your favorite part about it?

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  1. This is a great idea as I am always running out of ink. It’s expensive in my town so I have to drive to get it.

  2. Great idea! And a senior! I am having palipations over my oldest being a freshman…I am so going with him when he heads to college, lol!

  3. I LOVE Instant Ink. It’s cheaper and it saves me from running out of ink. If they add a paper service we will be golden. The kids are always stealing the printer paper! lol

  4. I got instant ink a year ago and LOVE it. I love never having to worry about running out of ink again. Or showing up to the store and not having the cartridge number I need with me 😉

  5. I am not familiar with this, I will have to look into it. Now with my kids in school I find we are printing things a lot more often at home so this would be great to have!

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