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I love to travel but I also like being from a small town. As a small town girl from Florida, there are some really cool perks like fresh produce from your neighbor’s garden or fresh seafood caught locally from the ocean. It is really amazing what one can find when looking out your front door.


Why Being a Small Town Girl in Florida Rocks

Fresh Produce ~ On any given day I can walk into my local grocery store to find fresh locally grown produce from Florida for sale.  Unlike chain stores, my local store buys locally so everything is delivered fresh each morning. This past winter we were able to enjoy corn, squash and even some beautiful bunches of collard greens. plus today I bought an entire flat of fresh picked strawberries. All grown locally and all from Florida.

Fresh Seafood ~  Another perk is that because we have mild winters compare to our northern friends we can enjoy freshly caught seafood year around. Things like shrimp, grouper or even the occasional crab.  I know this makes my son happy as he is all about his fish.

Fresh Honey ~  You can’t have afternoon tea without a drop or two of fresh honey. I admit until a recent trip to the farmer market I didn’t know honey was made in Florida. Truly I didn’t but after a taste of it, I was hooked. Now I only buy Florida honey and to make it even sweeter I have learned a neighbor makes fresh honey. So now I can not only but from Florida but I can also buy locally.


So as you can see being a small town girl has its perks. But you can get in on these perks too and you don’t have to live in Florida. Okay if you want to come visit me you totally can. I’ll put the tea on and get the grill going. However, the easiest way to enjoy the perks is to buy things with the label Fresh From Florida(as shown above).  Not only are you getting great tasting food but you can enjoy fresh food year around.

Let’s Talk:

Do you buy locally? Have you bought Fresh from Florida produce, seafood or honey?

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  1. I love and prefer to buy as much locally as possibly, but it’s often a bit challenging since we have a pretty harsh winter. Summer is wonderful for local produce in our grocery store as well as farmer’s markets.

  2. I agree, being a small town girl from Florida does rock. I go to our local farmers market at least once a week if not more. I love living next to all the strawberry farmers in central Florida.

  3. If you wanted local produce, it definitely seems like Florida would be the place to live. We do a lot of farm stands in Michigan when we go up to our lake house.

    • OMG yes, I have been to LA several times and love shopping the farmers market with friends. I also get tickles when I see the Fresh from Florida signs around.

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