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Disney Cruise

When I first got the invite to take a Disney Cruise I admit I was nervous. I mean like really nervous as I have a natural fear of open waters. So I wasn’t sure how this was going to go down.  When my invite came from Disney Social Media Moms I was thrilled. Then I saw half of the trip would be at sea I began to question if I could make this happen.  I mean I had never been on a cruise so I wasn’t sure if my fear would render me incapable of doing anything.

Now I know Disney pretty well and I know they do things up right but taking a cruise was a lot different from walking a park. Not to mention there would be all that water but never being a person to hide  I booked our cruise. What I learned as a novice to cruising was very insightful.  Here are a few of things I learned on my first cruise.

Disney Cruise


Disney Cruise Guide For Beginners

Pack Light ~  I learned real quick that I never wore half of what I packed.  Pack light depending on the season and length of trip you can get away with a few changes of clothes and a light jacket. If you are traveling in summer a swimsuit is a must. If traveling in winter though temps are mild a jacket or sweater may be needed. When packing pack items that are able to mix and match to create new looks.  Also, pack sunscreen and motion sickness medicine both are a must have.


Activities ~  Book your activities in advance. We learned the hard way getting photos with your favorite character will take a long time if not booked in advance. Also, download the Navigator app to keep up with all the happenings for the day.  We almost missed Bingo if not for the app.  From movies to shows to arts and crafts there are lots of things to do on a cruise.

Food ~  The food on a cruise is so good. We also learned it’s unlimited. From buffets to sit down food is not only endless it’s delicious.  Disney also can work with any dietary restrictions. For me, I tend to lean more towards vegetarian eating. This was no problem because you are assigned a table and a server that rotate with you throughout your stay your server learns your eating habits. Yes, dining is a rotational meal plan with three exceptional restaurants to eat at. So you actually get to enjoy all three through a rotational nightly seating. Oh and here is a tip Ashley from Teachable Mommy gave me. Like a certain dessert from a restaurant like the beignets at Tiana’s Place.  You can get that dessert the next night at Animator’s Palate or Triton’s just ask your server.

Paper Work ~  Make sure you have correct paperwork in hand with ID when boarding. I had my original birth certificate which was issued by the hospital many many moons ago and I almost did not get cleared to board. I learned that only birth certificates issued by Vital Statistics and/or passports are usually accepted.  Luckily the manager on duty recognized my birth certificate as being a hospital issued one and let me passed. However, I am now working on getting passports as I do not want that to happen again.

Finally, I learned that when on a cruise you stay so busy having fun that you forget you are at sea. My fear of open water only bothered me when someone would remind me I was at sea. I also learned that once you take a cruise you will want to take another and another and another.

Let’s Talk:

Have you taken a Disney Cruise or any cruise before? What are your tips for newbies?

Disclaimer: My family was invited to attend the Disney Social MediaMoms  Celebration which was a discounted trip. I was not asked to write about it but my trip but am choosing to do so. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Your statement that once you take a Disney cruise you’ll want to take another and another and another is absolutely correct, that’s us. We’re fortunate that money isn’t an issue, but It doesn’t help that being a CM, I get a very generous discount. We’ve cruised 6 times over the past 5 years. Our last being in Dec. We only do 7 night cruises because shorter cruises go by too quickly. We agreed that we’d take a year off and do the transatlantic re-positioning cruise next year, but we’re getting the itch to do a cruise before that. Our tip, because you seem to be eating around the clock, is to minimize the damage by working out for an hour in the morning every day. No cheating.

  2. We have yet to take a cruise and the Disney one looks super fun to me. We do plan to take one so your tips will be quite helpful to us. Nice tip about favorite desserts.

  3. We love love love cruising and think it would be so much fun to take our grown kids on a Disney cruise. These are all great tips for first-time cruisers.

  4. These are great tips for going on a cruise. We just did our first Disney cruise this winter. It was amazing. I can not wait to go on another cruise.

  5. I have never been on a cruise but the one cruise I have always wanted to go on is the Disney Cruise Line. Disney Social Media Moms looks like it is an amazing time for everyone!!

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