Through The Eyes of A Teen ~Beauty and The Beast

This past weekend I took the teen boy to see Beauty and The Beast.  I wasn’t sure exactly how he would react to the movie seeing as the theater was filled to capacity with young children and lots of girls. Going in I thought for sure he would ditch me for the car and wait it out. However, with popcorn in hand, he hunkered down to watch the movie.

As the credits started to roll by I looked over to see son smiling. when asked if he enjoyed the movie the remark was simply “the world could learn a lot from this movie”. Thus the conversation began on the way home.

Beauty and the beast

Lessons From Beauty and The Beast

As we drove home from the movie I asked my son what he meant by lessons the world could learn from Beauty and The beast. here were his observations.

Beauty and the beast

Beauty is skin deep

This lesson should be universal and taught to our children from birth but sadly it is not. There is a whole world of people out there that still place way to much value on looking a certain way. As my son said on the way home there is still kids in his class that are bullied for not having the right name brand clothing or because they don’t’ look a certain way.

It saddens me that some people can not see beyond the surface to get to know the inner beauty of people. Like Gaston who couldn’t see past Belle’s beauty, to see her brains and dreams. Belle, on the other hand, was able to look past the Beast’s outer appearance to see the inner beauty and goodness he possessed.

Beauty and the beast

Know your worth

Like LeFu who hung out with Gaston because he didn’t think he deserved better. Many people hang out with people who treat them badly because of the feel unworthy. this is not the case you are worthy of love, friendship, and kindness. As son said know your worth and never let anyone take it from you. As LeFu learned in the movie he was worth more than just being Gaston’s sidekick.

Beauty and the beast

Dare to be different

Just as Belle was different from the other girls by her love of learning and creating.  As Maurice was different by raising Belle to be fearless and independent. Or as the tenants of the castle were different by the curse. Embrace being different and make it work for you. Use your gifts to make a statement and bring your dreams to life.

Belle’s fearless nature lead her to discover things and to find her happy ending. Maurice’s ability to raise his daughter differently from others allowed him to give her the gift to find strength when she needed it. even the house tenants embrace their difference to make the most of it.

Embrace being different and unique it’s what makes you, you.

Beauty and the beast

My final thoughts

This movie is stunning and outside all the life lessons it taught my son and myself it was a beautiful story.  The set design was breathtaking as were the costumes. The music was extraordinary. Plus the story itself was magical. I encourage everyone to take the tie to see it and if you have already seen it go see it again.

Now to help keep the fun going you can go HERE to download so awesome coloring pages. You can also click on the links below to download some fun activity sheets for your little Beauty or Beast.

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Let’s Talk:

Have you seen Beauty and The Beast?  What lessons have learned from it?


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  1. My daughter is excited to see this movie – she’s not a teen, she’s 7 but I love seeing and experiencing things with her. I love that movies like these can teach our children important life lessons like love and tolerance.

    • He wasn’t too bad. However he may be a little frightening to young ones depending on the child.We had a small one in the movie with use who kept calling him a bear.

    • Too fast. My son just recently turn 17 and I can’t believe the time has gone so fast. I love that he still enjoys seeing movies with me and enjoys Disney with me.

  2. I’m excited to see this movie! And it sounds like you’ve done well as a mom! You son sounds very kind and smart!

  3. Those are great lessons. I love talking to my kids after seeing a movie. They catch things that I sometimes miss.

  4. How wonderful that your son would come out of that with such a great perspective! I will have to see this movie some time down the road. I am always up for something that imparts life lessons.

  5. My Daughters and I loved this movie. It has so many fantastic messages. I can not wait till it is released on DVD.

  6. I have always loved this classic movie and can’t wait to see this version. Smart son you have to pick up on all the wonderful lessons displayed in the movie.

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