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1 Night

This past week I had the pleasure of screening the movie 1 Night Starring Anna Camp from Pitch Perfect.  I must say I wasn’t sure want I was getting into as I  hadn’t heard any talk of this movie.

1 Night Synopsis: 

Thirty-something Elizabeth (Anna Camp) must decide whether to salvage her relationship with Drew (Justin Chatwin) after much personal disappointment. Meanwhile, Bea (Isabelle Fuhrman), a worrisome teenager, reconnects with her introverted childhood friend, Andy (Kyle Allen) to overcome their difference in high school status following their prom. Past and present collide as two couples explore love over the course of one night at a hotel.


Sneak Peek:


My Thoughts:

I must say going into this movie I kind of wasn’t sure what to expect as I hadn’t heard much about it. However I knew being a love story I would sort of like it. What I wasn’t prepared for was how much I would like it or for that matter how the story would twist and collide.

As the story begins you are introduced to two couples one young who is made up of childhood friends who have lost touch. Then there is the married couple who have lost their way and are trying to rekindle lost love. the couples cross path at the beginning and towards the end but their connection is deeper. As the night unfolds the story of these two couple take shape.

I watched completely captivated both from the point of view of teenage self remembering what it was like to find young love and that of a woman who has been married for 25+ years. What fascinated me most about this movie is the subtle twist it takes leading you to an ending that I did not see coming but was so caught off guard by it I went back to rematch two more time looking for clues.

1 Night


I have either a hard copy of 1 Night or a iTunes Digital Download. We will try to accommodate your choice. Giveaway is US Only and for 18 and Up.
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Let’s talk:  Did you go to prom? Are you still with your high school sweetheart?

 Disclosure: I received a screening copy of this film for review. All thoughts are my own.

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  1. I am definitely looking forward to watching 1 Night after reading your review. I love movies that have lots of twists and surprise endings

  2. I have not heard of this yer, but I love these kind of movies. I tend to wait until they come onto TV as I never get to movies! I look forward to seeing this,

  3. I did go to prom! Actually, I went to three different proms– one my junior year with one date, and two in my senior year (with my then-boyfriend; we attended different schools). This was many years ago, and no, I am not with either of them now. 🙂

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