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Love yourself. It’s the trending topic of late. Celebrities give speeches about it, brands create ads around it and there are even hashtags for it. But how can one love them self if they aren’t even sure they like the person they are?

Love Yourself

Love Yourself

To love yourself it’s the single hardest thing I can think of doing. For me there are days I am not even sure i like me. I look in the mirror and wonder what is there to love about me.

I mean seriously I am over weight, my hair is graying, I have the beginnings of age spots oh and the wrinkles(don’t even get me started on those).

But even beyond the harsh  critique of physical appearances is the self-doubt.

Am i a good mom? Are the choices I make going to lead my son into having to have therapy as an adult?

What about my role as a wife?  Am I fulfilling those with keeping the house clean and dinner cooked?

Then there is work. The Constance comparison of my writing to other women bloggers and social media influencers. At the end of the day looking into the mirror and saying hey I love you or even I like you is hard.

Love Yourself

So How Does One Love Yourself

Good question. One I have been trying to answer and work through for a while. I have learned it’s a journey and it takes work. It also takes help from good friends.

Friends like Traci over at A Star in my Own Universe who wrote the amazing article about falling in love with yourself this Valentine’s .

Elayna of The Positive Mom writes daily on learning to connect with your true self. One of my favorite articles she wrote is 31 Positive Affirmations To Step Into Your Inner Power.

Love Yourself

Other Steps to Loving Yourself

Turn the voices in your head from negative to positive. Instead of focusing on the things you don’t like find something about yourself you do like and focus on that.

Make it a daily ritual to look in the mirror and say to yourself i love you.

Do things that make you happy and that you enjoy.

Stop comparing yourself to other people especially women. We as woman are so caught up in what we should look like, act like and be we forget to be us. we are unique and should embrace that not try to be like others.

Love Yourself

Love Yourself

DO i have all the answers to this statement. NO!! But what i do know is that I try daily to make loving myself a priority. Do i always succeed again NO!! However I am happy to say that even if I fail one day I try again the next. This is my year of creating a new me one that I actually like and want to be around. I want to be able to look in the mirror and say you know what you may not be perfect but I like what I see.

Let’s Talk: Do you love yourself? What do you do daily to help you love yourself and to stay positive?


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Rebecca is a boy mom, traveler, Disney addict, chocolate lover, and tea drinker. She lives in Florida and enjoys good food, good music, and a great book. Her goal in life is to live in the moment and to always be open to new things.


  1. As a new blogger trying to improve on loving myself and trying to develop my voice in the world and in blogging, I echo your statements. With the web and social media, it can be hard to slow down the comparisons and self-judgement.

    I used to work with families as a Children’s Case Manager. I think of the strengths and needs assessment that we completed with every family. There were 9 boxes of areas of needs and 9 of strengths that had to be filled out. It was fine that there weren’t often that many needs, but I always encouraged families and worked with them to find at least one thing to put in each of those boxes. Sometimes a simple word change helped to initiate a perspective change, if even in that moment. Stubborn instead became strong-willed, persistent, or goal-focused.

  2. Great post! I definitely think that learning how to cut out the negative self talk is the key….I wish it were that easy. Another thing that definitely steals my joy and makes it harder to love myself is comparison. I’m really working on not comparing myself to other bloggers, pinteresters and instagrammers 🙂

  3. My thoughts immediately turned to multiple poems and quotes so I’d like to share a couple with you. When I was in middle school, I heard a poem recited which stuck with me forever. It’s on my ‘about me’ page, that’s how strongly I feel about it. The title is ‘Myself’ by Edgar Guest. Here is an excerpt “I never can hide myself from me;
    I see what others may never see;
    I know what others may never know,
    I never can fool myself and so,
    whatever happens I want to be
    self respecting and conscience free.”
    Also, I heard this so long ago and have no idea where it came from “I see myself for who I want to be while others see me for who I really am”
    Every day, I just make an effort to be a better person. I’m 58 and I’m convinced this is what we are all doing for our entire lives. Your’e in good company. Happy Valentines Day!

  4. Awww! You are so blessed and so very worth investing love in yourself despite your flaws. God loves you limitlessly flaws and all. And far does not equate to ugly st all. Gray as a matter of fact is a sign of righteousness. Believe in yourself. That’s true love.

  5. It is definitely important to love yourself first so that others have the full capacity to love the real you. I think removing negativity, including negative self talk is a big step to loving oneself.

  6. Rebecca, you made my day today. I have been struggling a lot and you sharing your words and including my piece made me cry happy tears. Thank you so much. You are very special!

  7. I like your advice! This is definitely something that more people should work on. It’s good to improve ourselves and give ourselves constructive criticism but being mean to ourselves isn’t helpful.

  8. I’m so loving these posts today. Being able to learn to love ourself is the best gift. We deserve it and need to see the good , not focus on the flaws. Thanks for this beautiful reminder.

  9. If I could go back in time and talk to my younger self I would tell her to learn to love herself. I have been so hard on myself over the years.

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