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Florida Prepaid

As a mom of a soon to be senior and a Florida girl you would think that I would have a Florida Prepaid College Plan in place for my kid. NOPE!! Like many parents and grandparents I fell for the myths surrounding a prepaid plan. It wasn’t until I started looking into the plan in-depth that I realized many of the myths were false.

I now wish I had done my research sooner and that I hadn’t bought into the myths. With Little Man heading off to college in 2018 having had this plan sooner he would have been able to fund his education and not graduate with debt. I don’t want you to fall for the same myths so I am here to share what I learned and encourage you to check out the Florida Prepaid plan.

I mean one of the best things we can do for our child/children is give them a good education so they can go on to fulfill their dreams.

To help me explain and dispel the myths surrounding the Florida prepaid plan I am pulling the wording from the Florida Prepaid website:

Florida Prepaid

Florida Prepaid Myths Dispelled

Myth: I can’t use my prepaid plan at an out-of-state or private college.
Facts: Not true! It is true that prepaid plans are designed to be used at Florida Colleges or State Universities. However, the value of the plans can be used at other schools nationwide. Whether you pick a public, private, in-state or out-of-state school we’ll pay the same as we’d pay a Florida School.

Myth: If I get a scholarship I can’t use my prepaid plan.
Facts: False! Prepaid plans can work along with any scholarships you earn to make sure as much of your educational costs are covered as possible. For example, if you qualify for Bright Futures, in most cases, your scholarship will be applied than funds from your Prepaid Plan will be applied. You can use the remaining funds for other school costs, like books. You can also receive a refund equal to what would have been paid to the school.

Myth: To use my prepaid plan I have to go to college right after I graduate.
Facts: Again, totally false. Your Prepaid Plan is good for 10 years after the projected year of enrollment included in your prepaid application. So you want to take a year off to work? Or maybe you want to backpack through Europe? Go for it! Just come back this decade.

Myth: If I buy a prepaid plan for a Florida College and my student decides to go to a State University I lose my investment (or vice versa).
Facts: Absolutely not! If your student decides to go to a State University and the plan you bought was designed to be used at a Florida College (or vice versa) you can most definitely still use your plan! Your plan benefits will automatically convert. For example, if you have a 2 + 2 Florida Plan and you decide to go to a State University your plan will end up covering around three years of costs, since two years at a Florida College is about the same value as one year at a State University.

Florida Prepaid


There you go myth busting the prepaid way.  Now head on over to the Florida Prepaid website for more information. Open enrollment ends February 28th and won’t reopen until the next session at the end of the year! Don’t forget to use the code BLOG1617 to get 50 percent off your application fee – that’s a savings of $25.

Let’s Talk: Have you looked into a prepaid college plan for your child? Is it something you have thought about?


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  1. I wish I would have known about prepaid college before my daughter went up. I though we were good with the tuition, but turns out the school she chose was much more expensive than we bargained for . We found the money and were lucky to not insure debt, but having a savings plan like this would have been so much easier!

  2. I don’t think our state has a plan like that but I should look into it! My kids are still 7-10 years away from college but we should think about it now! I was lucky and my parents paid for my college. I don’t think that will be possible for my kids.

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