5 Takeaways From My First Disney Social Media Moms 2017 #DisneySMMC

 Disney Social Media Moms

I am still in disbelief that I just attended the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration A.K.A. #DisneySMMC. This event is like VIP of all events. I mean we even get treated like VIP from entering parks before opening hours and going through back doors. Let’s just say the little geeky girl in me was screaming in excitement to see some of the behind the scenes workings.

But besides being treated like a Disney Princess all week we also learned a lot of great stuff.  Along with sneak peeks at things to come we also learned how to be more engaging and to have good content. In the words of Alex Ruiz “The internet isn’t flat anymore people.”

 Disney Social Media Moms

My Disney Social Media Moms Takeaways

Friends new and old ~  By far my favorite takeaway from this experience was the friends I made. I not only made a bushel of new friends but i connected with ones I had met before. Getting to spend time with friends is a wonderful thing and making new ones is always a good thing. It’s nice to come face to face with people who you have talked to for years via the inter web.

 Disney Social Media Moms

It’s Okay to Not be Perfect ~  One of the most pivotal moments for me was when Ginger Zee from GMA said “It’s okay to not be perfect”.  In blogging and especially as women we are always comparing our self to other woman, moms and even in some cases like myself fellow bloggers.  Ginger made me realize that I need to be okay with who i am even if it isn’t perfect. She also said to “Find your own balance and be okay with that.” – “and, don’t forget to be present in the moment.” all of this was great advice coming from a mom, business woman and pretty awesome dancer.

 Disney Social Media Moms

Technology is changing ~  I learned technology is also changing what is popular today could be unpopular tomorrow.  It is a fast pace world and propel want things instantly so the sweet spot is the first 3 seconds. To have to state a thought and grab people quickly. He also said “It’s not one size fits all,” creating platform specific content ensures you capture your audience where they are.

 Disney Social Media Moms

Making Magic is Hard Work ~  I learned there is a lot of work that goes into creating out favorite characters like MOANA and other Pixar characters. Am idea goes through many changes and growth before making it to the screen. However to be a Pixar film it has to have some very specific ingredients: heart, entertainment, setting, and animation.” says John Lasseter as shared with us by Dave Mullins. I was very fascinated by everything these amazing artist and animators had to say. Amy Smeed shared with us details on how they created the character of MOANA from her costumes to her personality.

 Disney Social Media Moms

Memories ~ The biggest thing I takeaway from attending Disney Social Media Mom Land and Sea event is memories. From late night laughter with friends to incredible sunsets on the water it was a truly unforgettable time. I not only was excited to attend but i felt blessed and grateful to have had this opportunity. I have created life long friendships and have gained knowledge I can use to further my brand.


Let’s Talk: Have you ever been to the Disney Social Media Moms or any conference? What were your biggest takeaways from your time?


Disclaimer: I received this trip from Disney at a discounted rate However all opinions are my own.  Also please note that some of these gorgeous photos were taken by our extremely talented photographer Alex.  He was the star of all these beautiful moments captured for a lifetime.


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  1. I’m so glad we got to experience this magic together. I LOVE behind the scenes looks and how everything comes together in animation. The artist in me bursts with excitement. I agree, this event is like no other that is why it is a celebration 🙂

    • Yes it truly is a celebration. From the love of Disney to the love of animation it really draws us in. Like you i get excited seeing how it all works and comes together as a finish product.

  2. I’m so glad you got to go to the conference. It was so much fun! Happy to see you took so much away from it too! It was such a good time and I learned a lot as well!

  3. This looks like an amazing program to be a part of, congrats! I’m not at all surprised Disney pulled out the VIP treatment for your group and I bet it was amazing. Have a wonderful year with your Disney work!

  4. So excited that you were there! I hear great things about this conference and was with 3 bloggers this week for a dinner who were there. Disney is the BEST!

  5. It was nice to meet you and your mom. I was one of the many CMs who worked a few of your special events. I was at the AK dinner and later let you into the Rivers of Light amphitheater for the first non-CM public performance. I also chatted with you and your mom at Pizzerizzo prior to you entering the restaurant.
    I’ve worked hundreds of events, and I’ve worked the mommy bloggers event in the past as well, and they always stand out. Everyone attending is so happy to be there, and Disney is happy to have you there.

    • Thank you, Lou, we were honored to be a guest there. We love Disney and are always so blessed when we come. It is CM like yourself that makes visiting so enjoyable. It was a true blessing to meet you and get to talk to you. I hope we see each other again some day as I visit often. Maybe we will cross paths again and be able to chat again.

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