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Disney Movies

Good morning and welcome to music Monday. Today we are talking Disney Movies Soundtracks. As you may remember last week I was at the Disney Social Media Mom Celebration. It was all Disney all week. So since I am still on Disney time I wanted to share some more Disney music with you.

This week I am talking Disney movies. I don’t know about you about I love a good Disney movie and I usually always get the soundtrack because let’s face it, it usually has the best music on it. So in keeping with my Disney theme and of course loving music the way I do today I am sharing just a few of my favorite songs from a soundtrack.

Disney Movies Soundtracks Playlist

Reflection ~ Mulan

You’ll Be in my Heart ~ Tarzan

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah ~ Song of the South

Friend Like Me ~Aladdin

Let’s Talk: what is one song from a Disney Movie you enjoy? Do you have a favorite movie?

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  1. I love your Monday lists! For me, when I think of Disney movies, the Aristocats and Jungle Book come to mind, I watched these 2 over and over with my oldest and it brings back so many memories!

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