5 Ways to Use Leftover Valentine Candy #PEEPSONALITY

Valentine Day, a day of cards, flowers and candy, lots and lots of candy. One of my favorite things to give my son is a basket of Valentine candy. I love putting together a basket full of Peeps. Hot Tamales and Mike and Ike candy. It is such a fun gift especially as i remember as a kid having to wait until Easter to get the sugary, gooey treats. Now Peeps and company make them for every holiday and Valentine is one of the best. With their strawberry creme flavored peeps dipped in chocolate or their new cherry cordial delights it is a delight to create a basket of treats.

Valentine Candy

Even though boy eats almost all the candy there is usually some left over as he gets so much. Between the basket I make him,, the one his grandparents send over and of course candy from friends we tend to have an abundance. the question then becomes what to do with all this Valentine Candy. Well to answer that I’ve come up with a few ways to use that leftover candy and create new treats.


Valentine Candy Makeovers

Valentine candy

hot cocoa

The best art of Peeps is that they are marshmallow which means they go great in a cup of cocoa.  whether you use instant cocoa or make it homemade plop a heart shape Peep or a pink chick in your cup and you have a new dessert.

Valentine candy


Nothing says i love you like a good bite of S’mores. Again Peeps work well here as they are the sweet marshmallow that keeps your S’mores together.

Valentine candy

Rice Krispy treats

Again Peeps work well with these treats. Take a leftover box of Peeps and melt them down to make Gooey delicious treats. No worries if hey come out pink that’s just the sugar melting down to give them color.

Valentine candy

Chocolate cover berries

If you happen to have leftover chocolate, shocking i know.  You can simply melt the chocolate on a double boiler and then dipped strawberries in it. You can also dip bananas or other items like sponge cake or pretzels.

Valentine candy

Trail mix

You can make a delicious post Valentine trail mix using left over candy hearts or M&M’s. I got this awesome recipe from Pepper who writes over at Pepper Scraps. She made this awesome trail mix you can get the recipe HERE. She also gets all the credit for the gorgeous photo that is tempting you right now.

So those are my ways of using leftover Valentine Candy.

Let’s Talk: How do you use leftover candy? Do you ever have left over candy?


Disclaimer:  I received a box of candy from Peeps and company free to facilitate this post. I also use a photo and recipe from Peeper Scraps website with permission from Pepper. However all words and opinions are 100% my own.



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  1. I love the hot chocolate idea! Marshmallows make perfect sense for that , plus these will be so pretty! The trail mix is my next favorite! Thanks

  2. I confess, if it’s past a few weeks after it came into the house it gets tossed out in the trash.
    Totally need to be more creative! Love the thought of adding a marshmallow treat into my hot chocolate. Yummy!!

  3. These are all really good ideas! My favorite two suggestions are in hot cocoa and rice krispies treats! Both simple ways to use up some of the leftover sweets from holidays…not that there are too many of those around my house! lol

  4. These are such clever ideas! I didn’t get as much yummy candy from my kids as I had hoped this year, so not as much recycling for me, but now you have me wanting to run to the clearance rack. haha

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