Perseverance on the Path to Publishing

When a major publisher told me at a conference, “medieval romance hasn’t been popular for twenty years,” I knew the road ahead would be anything but smooth. Indeed, my path to publication has been fraught with setbacks, obstacles and disappointment. If I thought researching and writing a historical romance was difficult, getting a book into the hands of readers has been even more of a challenge.

Which makes this launch week especially rewarding.

That I post motivational quotes every other day on my Instagram account is not an accident. As much for myself as my followers, these quotes remind me that perseverance, above all, is necessary. And that only by quitting do I fail. And that, as flight director Gene Kranz famously said, is not an option.


As it turns out, while its true medieval romance was more popular years ago when I fell in love with the genre thanks to Johanna Lindsey and Judith McNaught, there are still plenty of readers who adore knights and castles. And while highlanders have reigned supreme in the past few years, there are others, like myself, who read medieval English romance. The Border Series, including my debut novel The Thief’s Countess, though set along the 13th century Anglo-Scottish border, is unapologetically English. Later books in the series may feature Scottish heroes or heroines, but these are the lowlands…a tumultuous place where divided loyalties reigned.


An English proverb says, “A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner.” While I may not have invited the waves that crashed these past few years on my dream of becoming a romance author, there’s no doubt that navigating them has allowed me to enjoy this very platform to share the Border Series with you.

About Guest Author: Cecelia Mecca is a medieval romance author who loves to connect with readers. Get a sneak peek of The Thief’s Countess: Border Series Book 1 and be notified of the release of its free prequel novella in February.  

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  1. On my list of things to accomplish for 2017- is reading more. Great to hear from an author here, so cool. I will surely check out this book and add to my list for this year. I love, love , love this quote that you shared, An English proverb says, “A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner.” So, very true

  2. I can only imagine how stressful the process of researching, writing and publishing must be. It’s awesome that you were willing to put in the work and complete the book in a genre you were passionate about!

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