Living Fearless in The New Year #Fearless #2017

Fearless my word of the year.

We are only 3 days into the New Year and already I have heard people talk about their resolution to lose weight, get out of debt and even be a better person. I have seen and read blogs about word of the year and phrase of the year and they have all be inspiring and touching. It led me to realize I don’t make resolutions because frankly I break them as quickly as I make them. But I do like having a word or phrase for the year.



A few years back I chose the word fearless as my word and it really was great. during that year I tried so many new things. From rock climbing to zip lining. So i thought why not try it again.  Now before you laugh thinking I’m some sort of weeping willow that jumps at her own shadow that’s not the point of this word. You see I’m not afraid of the unknown or anything like that. In fact I live for new experience and trying anything new and exciting. However I do have a fear of letting people in.


You see I think being diagnosed at 17 with end stage renal failure, then at 24 slipping into a coma and being diagnose with MS. Plus spending the last 20 some odd years fighting an endless medical battle has stripped me of the fear of the unknown. I basically live in the moment and will do or try anything with no fear, but in it’s place it has given me a fear of letting others in for fear of hurting them. I have built walls stronger than Alcatraz. No one gets in not even with a secret word or magically key.


It’s tough to admit but I can handle most things in life because I live in the moment. Want me to skydive bring it on, dance on tables okay, or write a blog and let people judge me no problem I can do that but ask me to let someone get close and I panic. I can think of a hundred ways to make a person leave.


I tell people that the fact that my husband is still around after 26 years only proves two things. One he is truly crazy in love and two he must be a saint because I am no prize to be had.


So yeah my word this year is fearless. I not only want to continue to be fearless in life and meet every new experience with full on excitement. I want to continue to live life in the moment to the fullest and to experience new things. But most importantly I want to be fearless in my ability to love and be loved. To be fearless is my goal this year as silly as that sounds it is what I am working towards.

Let’s Talk: What is your word of the year or phrase?

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Rebecca is a boy mom, traveler, Disney addict, chocolate lover, and tea drinker. She lives in Florida and enjoys good food, good music, and a great book. Her goal in life is to live in the moment and to always be open to new things.


  1. I love this word choice. I have been toying with “brave” and this furthers that inspiration in my heart. Thank you. I wish you a fabulously fearless year!

  2. This is a powerful post. You have shared some personal information and shared a word that is important to you. I love the word fearless. I think we are all stopped because of fear. You give me hope. I loved getting to know you better

    • thank you. I am hoping to start being more open through out the year about my struggles medically and personally as the year goes on. I am facing my fears this year.

  3. Rebecca! I had no idea that you had end stage renal failure. I would love to talk to you more about this! I love your word and I think the meaning behind it all is wonderful! You are set to do amazing things in 2017

    • Thank you. We can talk anytime time. I not usually to good at talking about my issues but as I said I am going to be fearless this year and that means opening up more.

  4. Rebecca, this is truly an awesome post! I hope 2017 brings many new connections for you! My word of the year is not so much a word but a thought “no more”. I am really going to work on the negative in my life using no more, (example-no more procrastinating) for a month. With each month being a new no more.

  5. Fearless is tough- because there are BIG fears and little ones. Plus, doesn’t constantly taking on your fears mean there are fewer to confront? #devilsadvocate

    This is my first year trying this out, and Prosperity is what I chose. Here’s to a fearless AND prosperous 2017 to us BOTH!

    • I think living fearlessly for me is a way to experience life. So many times I find myself saying no to new things because of fear so if I lvie fearlessly it doesn’t mean I have no fear it just means I am open to try new things and to not let others stop me. I love the word you chose as well . It is a great way to invite riches of all sorts into your life.

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