Goal Digger Giveaway Hop!!!

 HI!! Welcome to the Goal Digger giveaway hop that I am so excited to be co-hosted. You may be wondering why I am excited about co-hosting a giveaway ans I’m so glad you asked.

You see recently I have discovered this really awesome water bottle called the MyHydrate. Yes the one I talked about HERE. Well the company that makes this bottle has offered up 2 to be given away.

goal Digger

Now before you rush off to enter for one I just wanted to take a few moments to fan girl out about this bottle again. You may have even seen me gush about it on social media a few times.

Well this bottle rocks. Not only is it high quality BPA-free and FDA-approved plastic, but it tells you when to drink water. The smart technology embedded in the top of the bottle not only lights up to show you how much you have drunk but it also beeps to remind you to drink. Plus with their unique spill proof cap you no longer need to worry about water going everywhere. My favorite part is it durable and can with stand my ability to drop just about anything at anytime.

goal Digger

Now you all know one of my goals this year was to get healthy and to do that getting in enough water is essential. Since having the MyHydrate bottle I have not only drank all my water everyday but I’ve actually went a wee bit over which is great for my body.  I have more energy, I feel fuller so I eat less and my skin feels more hydrated.

To enter for your chance to win one of two MyHydrate smart bottles just follow the instructions of the rafflecopter and Good Luck!!

Open to US only 18+

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  1. I try to stay focus on the smaller parts you do every day instead of looking at all you have to complete for that day..

  2. I’m probably not someone you should be taking fit advise from. I’m trying to do better. My son has to go to a hospital 2 hours away at least once a month. On those long drives I’ve started clenching my stomach, holding it for a certain count then letting go and starting again. That way when I can’t be active I’m still working on myself.

  3. I make a tally each time I eat a fresh fruit or veggie on a paper near the refrigerator to make sure I’m filling up on this!

  4. Try and find an active activity for exercise it doesn’t have to be plain old exercising. Make it fun and make a game of it. Involve your kids and other family so they can get exercise too

  5. I keep my water bottle on me all the time, I like having one that has my name on it, I feel like it is part of me and it makes me smile. Staying hydrated is so important.

  6. A great tip that I have is to stretch right after waking up so that you’re ready to go even if you aren’t able to exercise immediately.

  7. I try to keep hydrated and I attempt to eat fresh fruits or vegetables every day. I also try to remember that walking around while working counts too.

  8. I set a goal of going to the gym at least 3 days a week and keep my sneakers in the car, so there’s no excuse. Plus I make an appointment with myself on the calendar and don’t break it unless there’s an emergency, then make up for the day missed as soon as possible to stay on track.

  9. I track my calorie intake everyday using the Lose It app, make sure I get my daily water in, and go for a walk or some kind of exercise daily, even if it is only 20 minutes, it’s just good to move! Thanks so very much for the chance!

  10. I try to walk the building during my breaks and keep healthy snacks on hand so I’m not tempted to eat junk food.

  11. Don’t drink your calories- juices add up calories and are full of sugar. You are better off eating a piece of fruit which will fill you up longer.

  12. Wearing a fitbit and tracking what I eat has made a huge difference. I make it a goal to get my steps in, it reminds me when I haven’t moved in a while (I work from home on a computer all day). I track my eating and water intake on the app too.

  13. The fitness tip that helps me daily is to go to the gym and walk 10 minutes. Once I get there, I always end up walking at least an hour, but on the days where I’m having trouble, 10 minutes is always doable! Thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway!

  14. I take a short walk (15 minutes) every am after waking up. If the weather is bad or another imposition I will go in early evening.

  15. I have been drinking a lot more water and trying to do more walking! I’ll admit I am not always enthused to do more walking outside when it’s freezing. 🙂

  16. My one healthy tip. Is walking it is the best thing for me I can strech out my legs and loosen tight muscels. One more tip drink plenty of water.

  17. I’m a water bottle junkie, for reals! I’ve never seen or heard of this one before, very glad to have found it. Looks cool, and love the features. I don’t like soda, am cutting back on juice, but always have a reusable water bottle with me… I’d love for it to be this one!

  18. I’m disabled so there isn’t much that I do. I do try to take a short walk each day and I play with my grandson during the day (watch him while my daughter works). A 4-year old will keep you moving!

  19. My daily fitness tip would have to be just drinking enough water. Because I don’t really like the taste of water, I use flavor packets or fresh fruits and veggies!

  20. I pick a TV series I’ve been wanting to see and declare it my treadmill show. I only allow myself to watch it if I’m exercising and when its a great show I cant wait till my next run!

  21. I stopped eating blocks of cheese in one sitting.

    Honestly, I walk anywhere that is less than a mile from home and a few that are further. Even the grocery.

  22. Make sure you have a water bottle with you at all times, in the car, at the gym, at work, running errands. Sometimes you forget to hydrate and if you get thirsty with no water bottle around you can easily be tempted by a soft drink instead.

  23. The best fitness tip I have that has worked for me is to keep out a pair of my “skinny” jeans where I can see them – it’s a good reminder for me about what I want and that it’s worth it.

  24. I walk a lot when the weather is good- dropping of and picking up the kids at school, to the library, to the park. Living in a small town helps because nearly every place I need to go is within a couple of miles.

  25. I go out with my 3 dogs for walks with them and do enjoy it and so do they l make sure I drink water along the way too

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