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Disclaimer: I received one or more items for free to facilitate this post. Regardless all opinions are 100% my own.


As a mom of a teenager, blogger and business woman life gets busy and stressful. Add into that MS and there are days that make getting out of bed a chore. That’s why I was glad when THRIVE from Le-Vel came into my life.

Thanks to the generosity of the folks at Le-Vel, I received a box of products to try out. I was really impressed by everything they sent to try with the THRIVE Experience. What is the THRIVE Experience? The THRIVE Experience is an 8-week plan created to help you experience and reach your peak physical and mental levels.

My THRIVE package included:


THRIVE W Capsules – Formulated for Women

The THRIVE W Capsules I received are formulated just for women. Each capsule is formulated with Vitamins, Minerals, Plant Extracts, Anti-oxidants, Enzymes, Pro-Biotics, and Amino Acids. Each package comes with 2 capsules and each box is a 30 day supply. I can appreciate how easy they were take. Directions were to take 1 to 2 capsules daily on an empty stomach. Easy peasy. Plus I like knowing they are formulated specifically for women and provide what we need to be healthy.


 THRIVE Chocolate Lifestyle Mix

The next item was a package of the THRIVE Chocolate Lifestyle Mix, which came with 16 packets. I love chocolate, so was excited to receive that flavor. Preparing the mix is super easy. All you have to do is blend one packet with at least 8-10 oz. of water or milk (I personally prefer Almond milk). Now I will say that blending with just liquid left me with a chalky taste in my mouth, so I found it helpful to add ice and/or frozen fruit. Plus, if you are using this as a meal replacement to help with weight adding fruit keeps you fuller longer.


THRIVE Premium Lifestyle DFT
I also received THRIVE Premium Lifestyle DFT. This is a patch that you put on and leave on for 24 hours that provides a number of health and weight benefits. I love how convenient it is to just put it on and not have to worry about it for a full 24 hours.  Plus, it made things easy because I essentially put it on and forgot about it. There was one tiny drawback and that is it left behind a gooey ring. It was easily removed but it did leave behind a residue.


THRIVE Plus Activate

THRIVE Activate beverage is another product to help take your THRIVE experience to the next level. Mixed into your bottled water it is formulated to activate your core – giving your body the best nutrition it needs, while supporting clean healthy energy, mental clarity, and performance.  It comes in 2 flavors – Cherry and Pina Colada. I liked that I could just pour a package into my daily water for flavoring and know I was giving my body something healthy to enjoy. Not to mention it tasted amazing!!!



Finally, the last product I received was FORM.  FORM is the newest addition to the THRIVE experience. It is the world’s only Sequentially absorbed Collagen Protein. FORM is meant to absorb into your body, helping it to repair and rebuild. It is best taken after working out.

My THRIVE Review

Overall, my THRIVE review of my experience is a good one. I have completed several weeks of the program and have enjoyed the ease in which I was able to  do it. If you’re looking for a way to have healthier life and feel better, then I highly recommend the THRIVE Experience!
Let’s Talk: Have you heard of the THRIVE Experience? Have you tried the THRIVE Experience?

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  1. I haven’t heard of Thrive before but it sounds really cool! I love trying new products especially since it’s the New Year and I need to get healthy!

  2. I have been looking for a way to kick start my New Years resolution. I would love to try the THRIVE Chocolate Lifestyle Mix first.

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