Tips For Using Disney’s Rapid Refill Mugs

rapid refill

rapid refill

 Have you heard about Disney’s rapid refill mugs? The program has changed a lot over the years from the offerings, the price, the look and feel of the mugs, the technology, etc. Disney is no stranger to innovation and they even brought that to the refillable mugs where their Rapid Fill system controls and meters drink selections utilizing RFID bar codes. This allows their systems to control the dates the mugs are active. It is a pretty neat system, but there are definitely things you should know about it before making the decision to purchase and use your mugs.

Tips For Using Disney’s Rapid Refill Mugs

1. Anyone can purchase a mug ~ That’s right you do not need to be a guest of Disney to buy one. Whether you are staying off property and want a cool souvenir or are resort hopping with a friend for the day these mugs are available for purchase.


2. Use them at any resort ~ Just because you purchase it at say Pop Century resort doesn’t mean you are limited to that resort. All of Disney’s resort have a rapid refill station in their food court so you can use it at breakfast in say Pop Century then in the evening while walking around the Caribbean Beach resort you can still enjoy your mug.


3. Refillable mug and Disney dining plan ~ If you purchase the Disney dining plan you do not need to buy a mug. A refillable mug in included at no extra charge for each member of your party on the plan and is good for length of stay.


4. Where to refill mugs ~ You can refill your mug at any rapid refill station usually located in resort food court. You can also refill them at some pool bars. If you can’t find a station just ask any cast member they will be able to point you in the right direction.

rapid refill


5. How many days? ~ The rapid refill program is very flexible. How many days your mug is active is up to you. You can purchase a one day, two days or length of stay. If you choose a shorter time then length of stay you can always add more days after your purchase. also a day is a calendar day not a 24 hour period. The day starts at midnight, so if you use it the first time at 11:55pm you’ll only have five minutes left on your first day.


6. Type of drinks ~ Your mug is made to hold all sorts of drinks. Your can fill it with soda (Disney sell coke products) or any other beverage found at the refillable station. So in the morning feel free to have your morning cup or coffee/tea then in the after fill with ice-cold soda or powerade.


7. How to use your mug ~ The rapid refill station is easy to use simply place your mug on the base and push the button.  Wait for the “fill complete” sign to appear and enjoy. If your child is like mine and likes a multi beverage creation simply move mug from base to base of each beverage they want and when “fill complete” sign appears your ready to drink. take note with hot beverages you may not have a screen saying fill complete. Also take note on-screen as to how many days are left on your mug.


8. Rapid refill mugs and theme park ~ Your mug will not work in the Disney’s theme parks. You can fill them at the resort and take them into the park with you however remember you will be responsible for carrying them and keeping up with them. Also you can’t use them at the water parks they have their own refillable mug system and the two are not interchangeable.


Here is one more tip for refillable mugs when you return home do not throw them out or store them. If like me you have kids that are home for the summer or spring break they make great reusable cups Simply assign each child a color cup and let them reuse it all day. This not only cuts back on dishes at the end of the day but it also allows the child to remember which cup is his.


Let’s talk: So tell me have you tried the Disney rapid refill system? What tips have you learned by using it?

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  1. Do you still have to go to go through the checkout line after refilling mug? I remember my husband bought us the mugs back in 99 on vacation, and didn’t tell me I had to get into line to checkout. A hotel employee yelled at me across a crowded room. It wasn’t my finest WDW moment.

    • Nope once you pay for the mug you never have to see the cashier again unless you have an issue with your mug. The refill stations are set up to read the chip in the cup so you simply refill. There is a 2 minute delay between refills though so you can’t chug down your drink and refill immediately.

  2. I recently moved to Central Florida and purchased annual passes for my family. We stay at the resorts often. I didn’t know about these refill mugs. Thanks so much!

  3. That’s the one thing they need to do to make it perfect – make it usable at the parks. I would buy one for each member of the family if they would. Instead, we typically share mugs right now.

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