Stay Hydrated This Season With MyHydrate Smart Bottle

Staying hydrated during the holiday season or anytime really is just good for you and your body.  As a mom trying to get back on track with her health and healthy habits having a MyHydrate smart bottle was the best gift ever.


MyHydrate Keeps You Hydrated

MyHydrate has a smart hydration system that automatically tracks your water intake. With the unique smart disk that lights up with every 8oz water you drink how can you not love this water bottler. Plus it has the ability to beep to let you know you need to drink. Yep if you go for a long period without drinking it beeps to remind you.



I was impressed that not only did it track my water but it came with a fruit infusion system. That is a winner for me because sometimes you just want a little some extra in your water that doesn’t add calories.

another great feature i loved was the spill proof cap. Yes I admit to being one of those people who spills on herself a lot. So having a spill proof cap is a winner for me.


Oh and did I tell you it came is these cute bag. Over all I loved everything about this bottle from the durable structure to the smart tracking. It is my new favorite thing to keep on my desk.

Let’s Talk: How do you get in all your water for the day? Could you use a smart bottle to help you?


Disclaimer: I receive one or more items for free to facilitate this post. Regardless I never recommend anything I myself or family doesn’t use and like.

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  1. I was just on chat with one of MyHydrate’s reps, and they gave me a 25% coupon code for my order! If you want one, definitely use the coupon code HOLIDAY25.

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