New Year!! New You!!

The new year is coming fast and with it comes a time of reflection and resolutions.  For me I have never been a huge fan of resolutions. I feel they are just a way to set your self up for failure. Most resolutions are these huge life changing statements that soon become unattainable. So for me the new year is a clean slate. A chance to start again and work towards goals that are doable. This year I am setting the goal of becoming a new me.

new year

New Year!! New You!!

I titled this post new year! new you because I wanted us to take this journey together. My goal this year is to become healthier physically, emotionally and financially. In doing this I want to start making small changes that will ultimately get me to a place where I feel strong physically, emotionally and financially.

To accomplish this goal I want to hold myself accountable by checking in bi weekly with updates on changes I am making. My plan is to take baby steps to get myself moving forward and to focus more on strengthening my inner self.

new year

Chapter one

Why would I set such a big goal after saying I don’t do resolutions well it’s because I feel I have lost sight of who I truly am. I feel like I’ve let go f control over my eating, my emotions and my finances and I want that control back.

As  a woman who lives with Multiple Sclerosis and Renal Failure getting back into good health is a must because I want to be strong physically. I also know that emotionally I need to start dealing with my limitations due to health. I like to think that I can do anything and though I don’t set limits on myself I am realistic in what I  can do so getting control of my health and emotions are key.

As for finances I have begun to see us slipping back into bad spending habits. I want to stop this as I would like to see us pay off some of our smaller debt and to start working on paying down our mortgage. plus with son heading off to college I want to be able to help pay for tuition.

new year

Being The Best Me

My year-long journey is to becoming the best me I can be. I know the road ahead will be a long one and there will be many hurdles to cross but I know with the love and support of friends and family I can make it there. So please join me on this journey of self discovery.


Let’s Talk: What are some of your goals for 2017? What tips do you have for helping me reach financial and physical health?


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  1. These are wonderful goals to have, but don’t wait for the New Year start now! I have and I feel as if it will be easier to keep on track if I have a head start! Small and steady wins the race!

  2. Being the best you is a wonderful goal for the new year. My biggest goals for next year are to get better organized and exercise more. I

  3. I think that’s awesome you want to help pay your kids’ tuition. I didn’t know you were living with MS. Wow mama, you are rockin’ at life. I want to get more organized this next year. Travel less alone and more with family!

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