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New beginnings are something everyone wants and want better way to start a new beginning than with an awesome giveaway of a product that I adore. You see one of my pet peeves is people leaving the cereal box open for it to get stale. For that matter I dislike when husband and son leave anything open to let in air and make it stale. SO I was thrilled when I discovered these amazing air lock canister set with vacuum seal.

new beginnings

Easy Lock  food saver is perfect for cereals, rice, flour, sugar, spices and cheese dispensers; also great in refrigerator, garage, sewing room, playroom and in restaurants to keep food safe. Made from clear bpa free plastic with AIR and WATER TIGHT seal cover to prevent sogginess and food going stale

Plus they stack well and keep things nice and neat in whatever room you use them in. This means less mess and more space. I absolutely love this canister set and highly recommend it to all my friends for keeping snacks and food fresh.  But you are getting a chance to win a set simply head to the raffle copter form and enter.

new beginnings

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New Beginnings Giveaway Continues

New Beginnings

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new beginnings


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Disclaimer: I receive one or more items for free to facilitate this post. Regardless I never recommend anything I myself or family doesn’t use and like.

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  1. My pet peeve is trying to find lids to my storage bowls. I appreciate the help with putting dishes away, but I hate when I can not find what I need.

  2. biggest pet peeves is we have a dish washer, put your dirty dishes in there, don’t leave them on the counter and spilling sugar on the floor, clean it up

  3. Yours is one of mine..because we live in Florida we get ants it drives me nuts..ditto with not putting dishes in dishwasher!

  4. My biggest pet peave in my kitchen is my father in law. After a health issue, he had to move in with us and he constantly spills and crumbles all over the place. I am forever wiping up crumbs.

  5. I really hate it when I clean up afterwards and then someone come in right behind me mess it up. That bug me. But, on food, probably I would say if I saw something not sanitary. Ew gross!

  6. I don’t like when anything gets stale! I especially can’t stand when someone dirties the table or counters and don’t clean up after themselves.

  7. It always drives me nuts how hard it is to keep the outsides of my bottom cabinets clean – I have dogs and they rub up against the cabinets.

  8. My pet peeve is items being moved around in the fridge. I also don’t like it when the milk, OJ etc lids are not on properly and tightened. Being all askew irks me.

  9. I hate when I have the dishes in one side of the sink and the other side is clean. Then along comes a little boy to immediately dirty the other side.

  10. My biggest kitchen pet peeve is when my husband puts something back in the fridge or pantry that isn’t it’s “normal” place and then I can’t find the item!

  11. We definitely have a shortage of storage here. These look great for helping to keep things fresh. It’s great to buy in quantity, but you only have so long to use it if you don’t have good storage items to keep it fresh!

  12. It’s so funny that you would ask this! I was just discussing kitchen pet peeves with my husband and mom a few days ago! I have 4: food in the sink, dirty behind the faucet area, dirty can opener & toaster crumbs. Thanks for the giveaway & Happy New Year! 🙂

  13. My fiance always drops ice cubes when he is filling his big water jug for work and then just leaves them on the floor. Drives me BANANAS.

  14. I hate the splatters I get on my stove-top whenever I sear meat. It also irks me when my brown sugar gets hard as a rock!

  15. I hate it when the kids leave the cabinet door open. I also can’t stand that my husband spills coffee on the counter and swears it wasn’t him when he is the only one that drinks it!

  16. My husband does some of the cooking but he has trouble reaching the lower shelves. We arranged the kitchen so that often used items are on the higher shelves. The only problem with that is that I’m short. My pet peeve is not being able to reach things I need without a step stool.

  17. When my kids leave their plates on the table or and when my toddler destroys the kitchen floor it drives me crazy! I sweep my floors atleast 8-10 times a day and pull out the vacuum and vacuum
    The kitchen at least once a day!

  18. My biggest kitchen pet peeve is clutter, especially on my countertops! I cannot work at my computer desk if it is cluttered feeling and recently I have discovered the same in my kitchen. I love to have an open space and clear counter tops for preparing and serving my masterpieces <3

  19. ooooh, stinky sponges! And random, my-sock-just-stuck-to-the-floor-and-I-have-no-idea-what-that-could-possibly-be-from spots.

  20. My biggest pet peeve is when other people come cook in my kitchen. A couple of years my mother-in-law thought it was a good idea to bake her desserts in our kitchen the same time that I was making Christmas dinner. I can’t even.

  21. My daughter just shoves pots and pans into the fridge- I want food put in smaller sealed containers so that it doesn’t dry out or get spilled over.

  22. I hate seeing dirty dishes in the sink. It is nice to do dishes right away so they do not pile up or become harder to clean.

  23. My daughter not returning dishes to the sink for at least a week. Now that she’s having to wash her own it’s helping a little for her to realize it’s easier to rinse them first!

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