Meatballs That Are Easy and Tasty!!

One of our favorite New Years Eve dishes is meatballs. They make for a great appetizers to a party. I also like that  most of the ingredients I need to make my easy tasty meatballs are things I keep on hand anyways. Along with being easy to make and delicious to eat they can be serves any way you would like them. So come into the kitchen with me as I show you how to make these easy meatballs.



1lb ground beef or turkey
8oz sour cream
one package onion soup mix
ground black pepper to your taste use lots or little



Place all ingredients in a medium size bowl.



Mix ingredients together using whatever method you prefer. By that I mean hands, spoon or other device.



Roll into small balls and place on greased cooking sheet.

Bake at 375 for 30 minutes or till cooked thoroughly.


Serve anyway you want. on decorative plates or as my son says just pop them into your mouth after they cool some.

Let’s Talk: what is you favorite party food? Do you enjoy small appetizers or a bigger meal?


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