‘Moana’ Under the Stars at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort


I admit I screamed with unbridled delight when pixie dust arrived in my inbox in the form of an invite to view MOANA under the stars at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. As huge Disney fan and a child at heart this was a wonderful treat.



Dinner with MOANA

Our evening began with a delicious dinner with an island flare. There was fish, vegetables, rice and the most AMAZING desserts you could have ever tasted.  While we dined and mingled we were treated to guest like Jared Bush who also worked on another one of my favorite Disney movies Zootopia.  However the biggest surprise of the night was when MOANA arrived. Yes Disney really made magic happen by inviting MOANA to join us for some fun.  I was so thrilled to get to meet her.


After Dinner Tour

After dinner we were treated to a sneak peek at the new bungalows at the Polynesian Village Resort. these bungalows are gorgeous. they come equipped with a full kitchen, bedrooms for parents and kids plus there is even a private pool for relaxing in. How cool is that.  They really are beautiful and will make any stay at Disney that much more fun.


The Main Event

Finally it was time for the main event watching MOANA under the stars. I can’t think of a better way to watch a movie than under the stars with Disney magic surrounding me. I will admit this movie really was wonderful. There was so many great lessons to be learned while watching this movie from following your dreams to listening to your heart. I love that it showed a young girl who knew the value of being a good leader and having the respect of her village.  I also loved that MOANA was a girl who learned to trust her inner strength. My favorite quote in the movie was one by grandma.

You aren’t who people think you should be. Nor what the world demands you to be. Who you truly are, is who you are in your heart.

I am totally giving this movie two thumbs up and encourage you to go see it with your children. It is most definitely worth seeing. Also don’t forget to get your free printable HERE!!


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Let’s Talk: Have you seen MOANA yet? Are you planning on seeing it?



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