Scary Delicious Krispy Kreme Halloween Doughnuts and Chiller #Scungry

Krispy Kreme

 Krispy Kreme

I am a girl who loves her doughnuts so you know I was doing a happy dance when I heard the latest Krispy Kreme news. Yes Krispy Kreme Doughnuts announced new Halloween doughnuts and beverages available now through October 31 including The Zombie Doughnuts, Pumpkin Doughnut, Spider Web Doughnut and Caramel Apple Chiller beverage. I’m talking scary delicious stuff here. 

 Krispy Kreme

“The new line of doughnuts combines the best of scary and hungry,” said Jenny Bellanca, vice president of operations for Florida Family Foods LLC, an authorized franchisee of Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation. “Whether our guests are visiting a haunted house or planning a Halloween party, these fun flavors make for a delicious way to celebrate this October.”

Krispy Kreme Halloween doughnuts

 Krispy Kreme

The Zombie Doughnuts are a Kreme™ filled shell dipped in either electric blue or green icing. The spooky faces are hand-decorated with black icing and topped with candy eyes.

 Krispy Kreme

A fan favorite is back! The Pumpkin Doughnut is filled with Chocolate Kreme, dipped in orange icing and decorated with black icing.

 Krispy Kreme

The Spider Web Doughnut is filled and dipped in rich chocolate icing. This doughnut is finished off by creating a hand-decorated Spider Web using a white icing.

The Caramel Apple Chiller is the sweetest addition to your Halloween costume this year. The perfectly tart green apple chiller is swirled with indulgent Ghirardelli caramel sauce to create an impeccable fall treat.

Krispy Kreme’s Halloween doughnuts and beverage are the perfect addition to your costume party this October. Share your favorite Halloween moments using #Scungry and #KrispyKreme on social media.

On Halloween (October 31), all guests in costume receive one complimentary doughnut of their choice.

 Krispy Kreme


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