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Fall is in the air and Halloween is flying in on her broomstick.  well I assume she is riding a broomstick she could very well be driving a Porsche but however Halloween arrives fun is to be had.  Like this past weekend when son craved his very first pumpkin. 

Yes i know I’m a bad mom seeing as he is 16 and is just now craving a pumpkin. Truth is I never really thought about it till recently because as a child I never carved a pumpkin either.  But when we received a care package from the Babybel company that including a cracking kit both son and I decided it wa time to tackle a new experience. 


Halloween Fun

As a DIY kind of kid Little Man went to work immediately drawing an outline even though we had cute stencils he wanted to free hand his art. As for me I got stuck with the yucky part cleaning out the pumpkin. Story of every mom’s life right we get the dirty jobs. Soon the craving began and who knew this was such a fun activity. I mean seriously I’ve been missing out this whole time. Fun like this can work up an appetite thank goodness Baby bel sent along some yummy cheese to snack on. 


Mini Babybel Cheese

Mini Babybel are 100% natural cheese treats with at least 4 grams of protein and 15% of your daily calcium needs. Plus they are individually wrapped so they go great in a lunch box or in your bag for an on the go snack.  They also make a great before and after band practice snack. Along with their cute Halloween wrapping that is sure to delight any ghoulish creature you encounter.  Including a hungry teenager. 


Let’s Talk: Are you planning on carving a pumpkin this season? 


Disclaimer: Mini Babybel® provided me with products for this review. However, I never recommend any product that my family or myself use and like. 

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