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I recently had the pleasure of telling you about an easy way to get your vitamins with Vitafive. I was so excited about how they made taking your vitamins on the go easy and how traveling was a breeze with them. well now ordering your subscription box just got even easier. 

What is Vitafive 

Vitafive is a personalized gummy vitamin subscription service. For a fee starting at $14.99 you can customize your own vitafive pack to fit your needs or that of your child. So no two packs are the same. Because what your body needs may not be what your husband’s body needs. Plus each box comes with a 28 day supply so no running out middle of the month. Not sure what you need that’s okay to as Vitafive has prepackaged packs as well so you can choose from immune support to heart healthy. 


How Is Ordering Easier 

You may be wondering how ordering your vitamins with Vitafive could get easier. well simply put the site has made some really cool upgrades. Here is how it changed. 

Site 1.0:

  •  6-8 steps to checkout
  • 3 ways into the shopping experience
  • 1 size fits all step by step process

Site 2.0:

  • 2-4 steps to checkout
  • 10 ways into the shopping experience 
  • Entrances into each product for perfect targeting towards interested customers.



Right now Vitafive is offering Readers of Everyday Life to get up to 30% of their first months subscription with code EL30.  Now that’s  a deal you can’t refuse. You can order yours HERE.

Let’s Talk: DO you find taking vitamins to be time-consuming?  Would you take them if they came prepackaged and organized?

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  1. Sounds like an interesting subscription service. And it is definitely reasonably priced. I am pretty loyal to my current supplement but if I ever consider changing this is worth looking into.

  2. I’m such a believer in taking supplements, and these look great. And it truly does help to have a subscription service–that keeps you taking them!

  3. These sound great! I always take some sort of chewy vitamins at this time of year or I end up with a cough and cold till the following spring {‘;’}

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