Tryazon: Oodle of Fun Cupcake Party


Recently I was lucky enough to host a really fun party for Tryazon. The party was to introduce friends and family to the wonders of  Sweet Creations products by Good Cook. As a person who enjoys baking and eating this was a truly fun party to host. I enjoy not only interacting with other adults while decorating but also seeing the kids get excited about learning and being creative. 


Tryazon: Oodle of Fun Cupcake Party Pack

My party pack included:

16 Oddle Tip Stars
1 Cupcake Stand
12 Cupcake Dividers
6 Cupcake Corers
2 Cupcake Batter Scoops 
12 Cupcake Boxes
2 (50 Count) Cupcake Papers
$15 Walmart Gift card- for extra party supplies
Party Host Guide- to help carry out part


About Sweet Creations

Sweet Creations is new product line under the Good Cook brand. Good Cook has been around since 1987, with an operating philosophy of incorporating quality, value and service into every product. The philosophy has helped the company achieve the number the number one market-share position for kitchen tools and gadgets in the grocery trade. 
Good Cook products are distributed in over 30,000 U.S retail store outlets. With a variety of products ranging from cookware to cutlery to kitchen gadgets, there are many accessible options that can add fun and functionality to your kitchen.

If you need anything when it comes to kitchen gadgets and baking essentials. Check out Sweet Creations by Good Cook products now available at Walmart.


About My Party

My party started with a house full of kids and parents who were eager to create. Since I baked the cupcake ahead time jumping in was easy. We gathered around the table where we talked about the different items in the party pack and how they were used. After a brief introduction we dove in to decorate.

I am pretty sure we ate as many cupcakes as we decorated. We tried hard to keep to a fall theme but in the end is was a battle to see who could get the most frosting and candy on their cupcake. I can safely say it was close call but in the end I won the battle. 

There was lots of laughter, fun and creative ideas happening. It was one of the best times ever and I am thankful to Tryazon for picking me host this fun party. 

Let’s Talk: Have you ever hosted a cupcake party? What is your favorite flavor of cupcake to eat?

Disclaimer: I received the following party pack from Tryazon to host and write this post. Regardless all opinions, laughter and fn are 100% mine. 

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  1. I have never hosted a cupcake party, but I love to host parties! God Cook/Sweet Creations makes great products- such a fun idea!

  2. I have hosted a cupcake decorating party for a bunch of 8 year old girls. We had the best time ever! My favorite cupcake to eat is probably the pumpkin pie one I had a couple of years ago. It has a teeny tiny piece of pumpkin pie on top for a garnish.

  3. Oh what a fun party idea!! I would love to go to a cupcake decorating party! I feel like it is something people of all ages would like to do!

  4. A cupcake party sounds like a blast! I think my daughter would absolutely love this idea. Thank you for sharing how you put it together!!

  5. This looks like a really fun party, for kids or adults! My daughter is 12 and loves to bake — these products would make a fun theme party. AND I wouldn’t have to bake a cake! 🙂

  6. That sounds like so much fun! Getting together with family and friends is always better with cupcakes. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves!

  7. One of my kids favorite part of their birthday parties is the dessert! We’ve made cupcakes and cake pops! I’ve been trying to let go and have them help me more! It’s so much more fun that way 🙂

  8. That looks like a lot of fun!! I love cupcakes! My favorite have been strawberry champagne, and I’ve had this chicken and waffles donut! It actually had a small piece of chicken on it from Raising Canes!

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