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Amaranth SuperBar? What exactly is it you may be asking. I know I did.  Up until recently I had never even heard of amaranth. Heck I am just learning what Quinoa is. But I became fascinated with this new food.  So what exactly is amaranth let me tell you. 



Amaranth is a tall plant with brilliant gold, purple and red leaves and tiny cream-colored seeds (sometimes referred to as grains). Amaranth, which means “never-fading” in Greek, is considered a “pseudo-cereal” because it resembles the flavor of cereals and the way cereals are cooked. The Aztecs, the ancient culture of Central America, are said to have incorporated amaranth in up to 80% of their diet. They would often toast the grains like we make popcorn today, and mix them with honey, molasses, or chocolate.

Besides containing far more iron, calcium, protein, manganese, fiber, and other phytonutrients (healthy properties) than wheat or rice, amaranth is also high in iron, selenium, and vitamin A and C. It’s one of the most protein-rich plant-based foods, rivaling animal-based foods like cheese.

Amaranth’s protein is especially good for children. It helps other foods deliver their protein better to a child’s growing bones.


Amaranth SuperBars Aren’t Just another Snack Bar

My teenager can eat his weight in snacks. From fresh fruit and veggies to snack bars. This is great until I find myself at the grocery store everyday stocking up. With these Achieve snack bars he can still get a great snack that is low-calorie, highly nutritious, and satisfyingly filling and I have a lower snacking bill. Plus they are a great on the go snack that he can eat on his way to band practice. 


The best times to eat SuperBars

  • With your first (and second and third) cup of morning coffee
  • When your belly is making annoying and embarrassing noises and you need a quick pick-me-up to make them go away
  • Before you hit the gym, to get a light, clean stream of energy
  • When you’ve buckled your kids in and they want a snack on the road
  • While you’re studying and having trouble staying focused
  • When you need a snack but don’t want a sugar high, followed by a crash (think mid-afternoon!)
  • As an offering to a friend who looks like they really need it
  • Before (or during) the SAT again, that light, clean stream of energy will see you through!

Let’s Talk: What is your healthy go to snack? Would you give these a try?


Disclaimer: I received one or more items for free to help facilitate this post. However all opinions are 100% mine and i never recommend any product I would not use myself. 

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  1. I always grab snack bars and throw them into my diaper bag. It’s so easy when I’m on the go. A healthy option with less sugar is always better!

  2. I haven’t ever heard of these bars before, but they sound really great. I would love to give them a try and see if I like them and if they are right for me!

  3. I would certainly try them! I haven’t heard of this in bar form, but in other forms. My son is a vegetarian so I’m always looking for good stuff for him!

  4. Ooh I love a good healthy snack. Never heard of this brand before and am new to things like this, will look into them!

  5. Last year after being diagnosed with diabetes, I saw a dietitian for several months. She kept trying to help me realize that it is not all or nothing… That little changes practiced every day make a difference, and eating packaged food can be healthy alternative to junk food…

  6. Snacks like this are awesome and they’re definitely helpful for busy days as well. I make sure that I have a bar or two of these in my purse in case I won’t be able to grab something to eat while I’m out.

  7. I’m always looking for new quick, easy and healthy snack ideas on the go so I will definitely have to check these out!

  8. I’m a big fan of snack bars and will try every single one twice. A lot leave something to be desired in terms of taste, quality, or health factor, and these look to be awesome with all three.
    I want them!

  9. I have never heard of these snack bars but they sound great. I have a hard time getting into bars like this sometimes but I would give these a shot.

  10. I haven’t heard of the Amaranth SuperBars until now, but it sounds like something I’d eat! I wouldn’t mind trying out the Apricot + Ginger. – HilLesha

  11. Whaat these look amazing. I probably wouldn’t eat them myself since I’m low-carb, but my kids would really enjoy them. The flavors sound awesome!
    My favorite healthy snack right now is a bit of brie cheese. mmmm.

  12. I have been LOOKING for a healthy bar that contains amaranth. I’m a huge Food Babe fan, and she sings amaranth’s praises. I can’t wait to try these!

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