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Here at Monday Music Dance Party we not only dance and have fun but talk music as well. Over the past weeks we have talked about how music unites us. We have talked about how it crosses language barriers. As well as how it can speak for you. 

Today let’s talk about how fun music can be. Music can lift your spirits and make you smile. It can turn a bad day or a bored day into a happy one. 

Have you ever found yourself being bored, sad or just blah feeling? You go turn on the radio, computer or whatever listening device you have and hear a good. Next thing you know your dancing and having fun. All of a sudden you’re enjoying yourself. 

Music has a way of making us feel whether it’s a sad emotion or happy. It can bring us to tears or have us dancing the twist. that is what I love about music. It takes you on a ride and makes you feel.

So today I want to share with you songs that make me want to dance and sing. The songs that can turn my bad day into a good one. So come join me as we hit the dance floor. 

Monday Playlist 

Kool & The Gang ~ Get Down On It

MC Hammer ~ U Can’t Touch This 

Cher ~ Strong Enough 

Justin Timberlake ~ Can’t Stop This Feeling

Let’s Talk: What song makes you want to dance? Do you  have a favorite song that makes you smile? 

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