You may remember me telling you about joining the Books ‘N’ Blogger swap back HERE.  Well today it’s time to reveal what i received from my Books  ‘N’ Bloggers swap partner.


Before I reveal my goodies let me just say thank you to the ladies who run CHAOTIC GODDESS SWAPS they totally rock the swap party hook ups. I also wanted to say thank you to my swap partner Kechell for my package she really got this one spot on.  not to mention every book I got was on my list which tells me we both have great taste in books. 

Each box was to contain the following items:

  • 1 Book from your partner’s wishlist
  • 1 Book you love and recommend they read
  • 1 Other book of your choice
  • Other book-related goodies

My Reveal!


A book Kechell read and recommends.


A book from my wish list and one Kechell thinks would be good. I am blessed as both were from my wish list.


A very cute book mark. Reminds me of Crush from Nemo.


I must say I a very excited about this package. I can’t wait to dive into these new books and take the adventure they will bring till next Books -N- Bloggers swap.


Let’s Talk: what are you reading right now? Which book do you recommend or author? 

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  1. A book swap?? How’d I miss this fun!
    One of my favorite authors is Steve Berry. If you like mysteries you’ll love his books. Lots of fast paced action.

  2. A book swap sounds like so much fun! I love relaxing and settling in with a good book. I still have the latest Harry Potter waiting to be read, so that is next on my list!

  3. Fin, noggin’, Dude! 🙂
    This seems like such a fun swap. I love swaps!!
    I host a seasonal swap with my friend Ashley, who I think was actually a part of this swap, too.
    Enjoy your new reads!

  4. It’s really a lovely idea especially if you love reading! I cried buckets of tears from that first book, Bridge to Terabithia. After you read the book, you should totally watch the movie as well.

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