Visiting The Space Coast

 Space Coast

Imagine a place where you can commune with nature, ride a wave and learn about space all in within miles of each other. This place exists in the form of the Space Coast. The Space Coast is located roughly 35 miles east of Orlando and is about a 45 minute drive. It is also the closest beach to Orlando area. I am thrilled I got a chance to return to this beautiful stretch of beach this summer.

Space Coast


The Space Coast is the largest strip of beach in the Florida coastline. Stretching 72 miles long and as the locals told me has earned it’s titled of East Coast Surfing Capital. With its warm weather year round and the right waves I can see why. For me I was captivated by not only the waves on the beach and the smell of salt water but also by the history and things to do.

Space Coast

Activities For All Ages

I must say when it came to The Space Coast the first thing I thought of was Kennedy Space Center. It’s a  place where you as a family can explore and learn the history of space travel and get to see an actually working space center. I have had the pleasure of exploring this wonderful place several times and I can say it never gets old.

With my most recent trip I soon discovered that when you go from having a small child to a teen the things that you see and do change. I was happy to see that The Space Coast could engage us. My son took on Smash Golf and game that blends tennis with golfing. It was to say the least a fun and unique experience.

We followed that up with a few hours at the Andretti Thrill Park where we drove Go-karts and climbed a rock wall as well as played a few arcade games.

Our weekend wouldn’t have been complete without a little zip lining over the Brevard Zoo.  However if you have little ones they can enjoy the zoo as your and the older kids try this adventure.

Space Coast

Places To Stay

There are many wonderful places to stay along the coast line or within the city. For us we wanted to experience the beach in it entire form so we chose a little resort called Tuckaway Shores.  As a member of the Superior Small Lodging Association this little gem was on point. From check in to check out we were treated like family.

The rooms here were like mini apartments and came with everything one could want to make a stay comfortable and delightful. I so enjoyed sipping my morning coffee out on the patio as I watched the sun rise over the horizon. It reminded me just how good life could be with the simple things.

Space Coast

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re in the mood for fast pace excitement and big city lights or want the more quiet things like a walk on the beach you can find it at The Space Coast. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and hope to return in the future for many more fun adventures.

Disclaimer: My and I received a two night stay and tickets to experience the Space Coast. Regardless all opinions and fun were 100% mine. 

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    • You are going to have so much fun. Be sure to say Hi to Jacqui she is the best. I love going to the Space Coast and Tuckaway is my new favorite spot. i can’t wait to hear about your stay.

  1. It’s such a great place to stay in especially during the summer. I’m glad you and the rest of the family had a great time there! I’d love to take the kids there some time!

  2. I would love to take my son to the Space Coast as he gets older. It looks like you had a great time! Shy teens though! lol

  3. This looks beautiful! I’ve never heard of it before! It looks like a great place to relax and a place you want to go to, when you want to get away from it all!

  4. Such a calm, and serene looking place… Love the Ocean and cant wait to visit myself… Thanks for sharing your adventure… 🙂

  5. This would make for such a fun trip for my two boys. We are always looking for new places to travel and going near the beach like this would be great!

  6. I have told myself that I am going to start branching out and travelling more to places I have never heard of before. This is now going on my list.

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