Things To Do In Orlando With Teens


So you arrive in Orlando Florida with your teenager in tow and the first thing out of their mouth is I’m bored.  You realize quickly that you’re now tween/teen isn’t going for the whole Disney Magic idea. Yes I know I shudder at the thought that my child no longer believes in pixie dust and flying elephants.

The truth is while my teen may no longer believe in happily ever after or true loves kiss he does still love hanging with mom. I have come also to learned with a little mom magic Orlando is still the it place. On a recent visit to Orlando I came across many awesome things to do with my teen. Things that he actually was excited about outside of theme parks.

Things to do in Orlando


shopping ~ There is so much shopping from Disney Springs to the Mall at Millenia. My son had so much fun shopping at these places. the Mall at Millenia is a 2 level mall. So much fun


Dinner Shows ~ There are so many dinner show options from Medieval Times to Capone. There is also comedy clubs suitable for teens. 


Interactive Museums ~ Orlando has many wonderful interactive museums. Like the science museum and my personal favorite Wonderworks. Even the building says fun. 


Water Parks ~ From Blizzard Beach to Typhoon Lagoon there are some really fun water parks for the teens. There are also beaches near by like the ones in Melbourne. 

Of course you can always visit Universal Studios, Disney parks and Seaworld because there is always much fun there to. To make Disney fun read my post about Disney with teens

Let’s Talk: What kind of trips do your tweens/teen like? what are their favorite activities? 

Disclaimer: I received free or discounted tickets to attractions inin return for my post. Regardless all opinions are 100% mine as is the fun we had. 

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  1. You know I haven’t been to the Disney waterparks in a long time! Oh wait I’m not a teen but these look like things I would like too 😉 Great tips!

  2. It has been a while since I have been to Disney! I really need to change that. I was lucky enough to see a Medieval Times show when we went to Dollywood. I would recommend it to anyone. It was great.

  3. I grew up in Orlando as a teen and I think there is even more to do now! I love Mall of Millenia and Universal has the best thrill rides for the teens.

  4. I was so not the typical teenager, and I am still not the typical adult lol. To me the best thing to do in Orlando is going to Magic Kingdom, doing 1-hour lines to take pictures with the characters and eat Mickey ice creams. Disney is my childhood and my future haha. But the upside-down house is amazing and so is Blizzard Beach!

  5. I love Orlando.. we have family there and visiting them is always a great vacation… These tips will help us at some later date.

  6. I think little children much easier to entertain than teens. Your tips on places in Orlando that excite for teens is awesome. In fact, these tips are useful for me who always want to visit Orlando.

  7. The thought never crossed my mind that teens wouldn’t be thrilled to be at Disney. I thought EVERYONE loved Disney from the get-go. Wonderworks is a fun place to visit…ours is inside the mall.

  8. SO many wonderful things to see there in Orlando, I don’t think I have ever been to Orlando, but if I go I want to see that upside down house, looks pretty neat to me.

  9. I was supposed to go to Florida on vacation this summer but it ended up having to be postponed, hopefully I can see some of this stuff next year!

  10. My oldest son is so close to being a teen that it sometimes scares me. We take family trips to Florida all the time and I am glad to see that he will still be able to enjoy a lot when we are there.

    • Yes. I know you guys come down a lot and like my son he has grown up on Disney but yes there is so much more in Orlando he can enjoy. Your boys would love the dinner theaters we have down here.

  11. I have a while to go before my kids are this age but I have friends that already have teenagers. This would be great to share with them. You see so much about smaller kids but not nearly as much about what older kids can do.

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