Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows: The Whodunit of Dinner Shows


Do you fancy yourself to be a detective? Have you ever watched a murder mystery and thought to yourself I can solve that? Well then Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows is the place for you.  


What is Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show?  

Sleuths is a 2 1/2 hour mystery dinner show in Orlando. It has been running for 25 years and rotates out 13 original scripts to give you a new experience each time you visit. You could go several nights in a row and never see the same show or actors. 

Speaking of the actors they are very good at bringing the characters to life. Each actor has over 2+ years in the acting business and are like family. Not to mention they draw you into the show which is what makes it so fun. 

Pre Show

As you enter the dining room you are greeted by the characters in the show.  In this case we were greeted by the caretakers and owner of Celestial manor.  As you interact with the actors pay close attention because this is where some key clues are given. 

The Show

As the dining hall fills and guest are seated salad and rolls will be served along with your drink of choice. The show will begin. It is  here you will begin to see the story unfold and more clues given. Don’t worry if you don’t catch everything as you are seated at a table with other guest who can help you figure out whodunit. 



Dinner will begin about halfway through the show when the actors take a short break. Menu items consist of Cornish hen with stuffing and sweet potato or lasagna with or without meatballs.  For an extra small charge you can choose to have prime rib.  If you or a guest has a special diet no worries you can call in advance to make dinner arrangements. 

Dessert is served and of course it is a mystery to the guest till the night it is served.  It is also during dessert that the post show wrap up begins. 

The Wrap Up

During dessert the audience is given a chance to ask the actors questions. Things like what an argument was about or why something is missing. It is here that all will be revealed as to who murder who and with what. 


What’s Included in Admission

With your admission you will get dinner, dessert, unlimited beer and wine, unlimited soft drinks, and hors d’oeuvres before the show. Plus lots of laughs and a great mystery.

What you don’t get is overly pushy salespeople. we had a group photo taken told the young lady we weren’t interested in purchasing and she moved on. No can I make you a deal or can I offer you this or that. It was just a simple thank you and she moved on. 

Who should Go

Everyone from grandma to sally sue. This show is wonderful for all ages plus I bet the kids figure out the mystery long before the adults do. To learn more and to make your reservations now go to Sleuths website. Make sure to check out all the other show options they have available including a New Years Eve event.

Let’s Talk:  Have you ever been to Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show before? Did you enjoy it? I would love to hear about your dinner show experience. 

Disclaimer: I receive 2 complimentary tickets to see this show in exchange for my honest review. All laughs and opinions are 100% mine. 

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  1. I have never been to a Whodunit mystery dinner, but have always heard such fun things about them. It also looks like you had a great dinner!

  2. I am so jealous. I have heard about these types of dinner shows and would LOVE to attend one. I dont think there are any in my area… but there must be! I am off to Google it now!

  3. This looks like so much fun!! It kind of sounds like Medieval times but I think I would enjoy this more! I’m going to have to see if there is one closer!

  4. How fun and exciting! I attended a mystery dinner show earlier this year for the first time. I wouldn’t mind attending another one! – HilLesha

  5. How much fun is that? I wish we had something like this near me in Atlanta. The food looks great too, sometimes dinner shows don’t have great food.

  6. Sounds wonderful! I am hoping that my husband and I can attend a show like this in the next month or so. It would be so much fun. Something I have always wanted to do.

  7. We did one with a groupof friends last year and absolutely loved it. I’m thinking of planning something similar for my daughter’s 16th birthday celebration in 2017. It’s so much fun!

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