Simple and Effortless Fall Decor #DIY

Fall is in the air and that means time to decorate with pumpkins and pine cone. Okay the truth is I am not a very good DIY person. Like many of us DIY challenged people I have learned a trick or two for making my house fun and welcoming without suffering hot glue gun burns.
With the changing of the seasons it’s time to put away summer and bring out fall decor. So here are a few of my DIY decor hacks that will have your house blooming with fall colors without you pulling glitter out of your hair. 

Fall Decor Ideas


1. Glasses 

Take down those wine, brandy or champagne glasses that you keep stored for special occasion. Get some paper or plastic leaves from any 99 cent store and place them in the glass. Bingo you have beautiful fall glasses to put on display.  



 2. Vases   

If like me you have vases of varying sizes and shape then pull them out. Place leaves, pumpkins or acorns in them. Again any 99 cent store or craft store have an abundance of these. You can even gather them from your front yard. 



3. Bowls 

Glass or plastic decorative bowls make for a great way to display fall decor. Fill with pinecones, small pumpkins or any other fall decor of your liking. 


4. Plastic trays 

Take those clear plastic trays you have piling up from the local bakery. Clean them up then place fall leaves on one spread out neatly. Take a small drop of glue and place in all four corner. finally cover with another plastic clear plastic tray and press. You now have a beautiful tray for serving fall treats on. 
There you have it a few of my DIY hacks to make decorating simple and painless for those of us who need the extra help.
Let’s Talk: Do you  have a DIY hack that makes decorating easy and effortless? What’s your favorite fall decor? 

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  1. These are my kind of easy decor options. I have black lanterns from a craft store that I fill with seasonal items- Fall pumpkins, Winter- ornaments, Spring- Easter Eggs, and Summer-Sea Shells. Easy peasy!

  2. I am so not ready for fall! I just dug out the burlop wreath I was working on last year. The snow came before I got it finished. Just need to add some flowers and a bow and it’s done!

  3. I really like the wine glasses. It’s simple but a great way to have a little something new for the change of seasons. Plus I can never have enough wine glasses.

  4. I love decorating for all of the seasons, but I have to say Fall is the best. I love the oranges, reds and greens that are so vivid during this time of the year. I think it is a frugal way to decorate too! What could be less expensive than going out in your yard and gathering decorations?

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