Monday Music Dance Party


Happy Monday and welcome to the dance floor.  You may remember me writing last week about how music unites us. That regardless of how we look, think or live when music is at play we are as one. Well music also is universal in language.

Think back have you ever heard a song on the radio with lyrics in another language? Or maybe gone to an opera where the songs are sung in italian or latin? You may now have understood the words but you enjoyed the music. It most likely made you feel something.

You see we don’t always have to understand the lyrics for the music to take away.  the beauty is in how we feel when we hear it. Maybe it makes us feel sad because it reminds us of something. Then again it could make you feel happy and you want to get up and dance. 

Whatever the feeling you get music can take you on a ride.  I once read a quote by Hans Christian Anderson that read “Where words fail, music speaks.” this is so true. So today I thought I would introduce you to some of the music I’ve enjoyed by artist that don’t’ always sing in english.

Monday Playlist 

 Ricky Martin ~ La Mordidita

Nena ~ 99 Luftballons

Falco ~ Rock me Amadeus

Vanessa Paradis ~ Commando

Let’s Talk; Who are you listening to today? Is there an artist that doesn’t sing in english that you enjoy? 

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  1. Yes.. music is such a universal language. I wish I had a great voice, I feel like a singer is able to touch so many different people with one song. Thanks for sharing

  2. Totally laughing here because my hubs LOVES 99 luftballoons and it drives me crazy. We always have a silly discussion about it… so funny! But great pics for a variety of universal types of songs! 🙂

  3. I’m not terribly familiar with all your selections but I did enjoy 99 luftballoons. LOL. I can’t put a finger on why, though.

  4. I love everything Ricky Martin sings in Spanish. I also like quite a few Gaelic songs. I can’t understand the words but I love the music.

    • I like your music station and Vanessa Paradis got her start in the French pop music industry at 15 adn eventually went into acting adn modeling. But singing is her first love.

  5. I love songs that are sung in a different language, especially if it’s French. There’s just something that keeps you interested, doesn’t it? These picks are really nice!

  6. I love how universal music is! It’s always wonderful to see a group come together over a song or type of music! I will need to add these to my Spotify for when working out!

  7. How fun! Some of my favorite non-English singers are Jorge Negrete, Jose Alfredo Jimenez, and Vicente Fernández. – HilLesha

  8. I definitely don’t listen to any music in another language…lots of instrumental, and I love the Celtic Women, but I tend to stay in the english language because I love to belt out the songs…and know I would do horribly if I tried it in another language!

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