Air Bud

I have always had a fondness for the Air Bud movies. I love the idea of talking animals. Whether that’s the crazy cat lady in my talking I’m  not sure. I do know that watching a family movie with talking dogs or in this case singing dogs was the most fun I had in a while. 

About Air Bud “PupStar” 

Welcome to a world where dogs can not only talk — they can SING! Tiny, a cute little Yorkie pup with a big voice, gets a chance to audition for the singing competition for dogs, “Pup Star.” After she earns a place in the finale, she’s suddenly dog-napped! But with the help of her new friend, Charlie, a retired rock-and- roller, she escapes. Together they leave on an incredible journey through some of music’s most iconic cities.

On the way to the competition they meet Big Ears — a soulful Bassett Hound who teaches Tiny to belt out the 
blues; Murray — a spiritual shaggy dog who helps her find her inner rhythm; and Emily Rose — a country-singing shepherd who helps her learn to sing from her heart. Most important of all, they all encourage Tiny to believe in herself and never give up on her dreams!

My Thoughts

I was lucky enough to get an advance screening of this movie and i am so glad I did. This movie is so charming and cute. It is a wonderful film for the entire family to watch together plus it is full of laughs and great music. 

It also has several really wonderful lessons woven into the story. Lessons like what true friendship is. What it means to have a family and most important to never give up on yourself or your dream. 

PUP STAR will release in select US theaters and Digital HD exclusively on Fandango’s premium on-demand video service, FandangoNOW August 30, 2016.


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Let’s Talk: Are you a fan of the Air Bud movies? Will you be watching this one when it comes out? 


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  1. I always liked to Air Bud movies when I was a kid. Since I don’t have any kids now, I probably won’t make it out to see this one. But sounds great for those who do have littles!

  2. I know this is going to sound crazy…. but I’ve never seen any of the Air Bud movies. I may need to fix that. Although, my dog goes CRAZY when he sees other animals on TV. Jealous. 😀

  3. Oh I don’t know if I’d watch another Air Bud movie. After the3rd one, I kinda quit until they brought in the puppies, which wasn’t all that good but still had the cute factor. I don’t know if I’m ready for the Pup Stars though. =/

  4. This is the first I had about this one. I remember the original Air Bud back in the day. I watched the trailer, and this looks super cute!! I’m a huge dog lover!

  5. This looks so cute — fun for kids & adults! I’ll never grow out of some fun cartoons/pixars! Especially movies that involve cute pups!!!! Forever young!

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