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Tell me how many times have you organized your travel case only to arrive at your destination and find all your vitamins mixed up. Yours are mixed up with the kids and the kids are mixed up with husbands it’s a royal mess.  Well I am here to help tell you how to solve that problem.  You get  vitafive.



What is Vitafive 

Vitafive is a personalized gummy vitamin subscription service. For a fee starting at $14.99 you can customize your own vitafive pack to fit your needs or that of your child. So no two packs are the same. Because what your body needs may not be what your husband’s body needs. Plus each box comes with a 28 day supply so no running out middle of the month. Not sure what you need that’s okay to as Vitafive has prepackaged packs as well so you can choose from immune support to heart healthy. 


How Does vitafive Keep You Organized

Because each pack is customized they come in this individual packs in a box just for you. To make it even simpler each pack has your name and vitamins stamped on the back.  This way you never take the wrong vitamin.  So no more guess the vitamins when you travel.  simply toss in however many packs you need for the days you’re traveling and voila you set to go. 



Right now Vitafive is offering Readers of Everyday Life to get up to 40% of their first months subscription with code rebecca30.  Now that’s  a deal you can’t refuse. 

Let’s Talk: Do you take vitamins everyday?  Would this make taking vitamins easier for you.

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  1. What a great idea to stay healthy and organized. All of the vitamins can get confusing, so this sounds like an interesting service.
    Karen |

  2. This is really interesting. There are a lot of products like this out there but the way you described it was uncomplicated and wasn’t confusing. Very informative and great post xx

  3. Wow! This is awesome and I love the concept, it does make life easier and more organized. You can keep track of everyone’s vitamins and not miss them when you’re traveling either. I like that they’re also labeled, no confusion!

    • Exactly I also love I can just lay everyone’s pack out the night before on the counter and they can just take them. No more worry about someone taking the wrong vitamins,

  4. Wow, this is fantastic! I am so glad I discovered this post. I take melatonin pretty often and I’m going on a trip towards the end of this month. What perfect little packs to take with me.

  5. I could really use this in my life. I do not take anything right now, but these little packs make it look easy to remember to take your vitamins.

  6. I like my gummies One A Day for women. I think is the child in me that likes those gummy candies. Though I have to be honest, I tend to forget to take them a lot.

    | |

  7. Wow, 40% is a great discount! These personalized vitamin packs are perfect for a big family like ours. I love that they’ve got your name on them so the vitamins don’t get mixed up. That would also make one less thing for twins to fight about LOL.

  8. This sounds pretty awesome! I didn’t know there was such a thing as a vitamin service like this. I will have to look into it especially after baby is born!

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