How To Speak Gobblefunk #TheBFG

Do you speak Gobblefunk? I don’t or at least didn’t until recently. with all the magically happenings with The BFG I learned that Gobblefunk is the language of giants. Just like we have english, French. Chinese and other languages the giants have Gobblefunk. So I set out to learn all I could about Gobblefunk.


What is Gobblefunk

Gobblefunk is the language Roald Dahl gave the BFG to give him his unique voice. It is composed of silly words that are similar to those in the English language but are used when ordinary words just won’t do. Words like Chatbags means chatterbox or Frumkin Fry means Pumpkin Pie. Would you like to learn to speak Gobblefunk so you can talk to gaints to?

Download the Gobblefunk Glossary HERE!!

You can also get some awesome free printables HERE!!

When learning the language of giants I must say my favorite words were Crickety Crackety which means sounds of bones cracking. I also liked the word Human Beans which means human beings. 

About The BFG

Disney’s THE BFG is the imaginative story of a young girl named Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) and the Big Friendly Giant (Oscar (R) winner Mark Rylance) who introduces her to the wonders and perils of Giant Country. Directed by Steven Spielberg and based on Roald Dahl’s beloved classic book. 


The BFG is in theaters NOW!!


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Let’s Talk: Have you seen The BFG yet? What was your favorite word in giant language? 

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  1. I have heard such great things about this movie! I have the Grandchildren this week and I’m as excited as they are to see it!!!! Thanks for the primer. I’ll make sure we check it out before the movie.

  2. I have been about to die to see this movie! It looks so entertaining and I think my son would really enjoy it. The language used is so adorable and makes me want to see it that much more!

  3. We wanted to see it so badly this weekend, but crazy 4th plans took shape instead.
    I can’t wait to speak Gobblefunk!

  4. I have not seen this yet, but it looks interesting. Even though my little one is still too young for a movie in a movie theater, this could be a nice date night movie for the hubby and I.

  5. I loved the BFG as a kid! I read it to my oldest when he was in maybe second or third grade, and he was totally baffled by the gobblefunk, LOL. A “How to Speak Gobblefunk” tutorial is a great idea.

  6. This seems like it would be such a great activity to do with kids! Watching the movie and then learning Gobblefunk to speak to each other after. How fun!

  7. My kids want to see this movie and I’m excited about it too! I think we may do a fun activity with GobbleFunk before we go so we can be a little bit more “bilingual.”

  8. What a fun way to interact with kids while your watching the movie! I love that there’s a whole language that goes along with it! It reminds me of when I was a kid and I used to make up languages with my friends!

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