Why You Should Take A Gainesville Food Tour


I love to travel and I love food. Anytime I can put the two together is when this mama is the happiest. Which is why I fell in love with the Gainesville Food Tour. Not only did I get to enjoy amazing food but I got to learn history about this amazing city. 


Why You Should Take A Gainesville Food Tour

Food ~ First there is the food. We are talking delicious, cooked perfectly, mouth-watering food. I tried food I wouldn’t normally have thought to try or even look for. I am talking things like gourmet frozen pops and burnt bits(which can i say are AMAZING). 


Restaurants ~ You not only do you get to discover some of the best local places to eat but you get a one on one with the chef and some of the staff. You can ask questions, see how things are prepared and get the little extra something you may miss out on in bigger chain restaurants. 

Atmosphere ~ You get a feel for the atmosphere of a place. It let’s you know if it’s a place you and the family would enjoy or maybe it is better suited for a couple. 


History ~ You get to hear the history of the city as you walk from place to place. Little tidbits you may not otherwise learn by exploring on your own. 

Architecture ~ Along with the history of the city you get to see beautiful architect and see old buildings that are beautiful. 


Meet Interesting People ~ As you tour the city you not only meet people at the restaurants but also within your own group. I met a young man who has a degree in Engineering which is what my son whats to study. He was there with his lovely wife and they were on their way to Barcelona. The tour was a gift and they were there as part of a family reunion. Plus our tour ides Ryan and Caroline had great stories of their travels. 


Taking the Gainesville Food Tour has been the highlight of my week and I recommend it to anyone who is in the North Central area of FL.  


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Let’s Talk:  Have you ever taken a food tour in your own city or another? If so what is your favorite part? 

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  1. I love going on food tours in new cities. I have never been to Gainesville! We will have to stop in when we visit my in-laws as they live near by.

  2. I’ve never really done a food tour in my city (San Diego) but I definitely want to. We have a week every year called restaurant week where 100 or more restaurants put their most popular dishes on special. I try to test out 1 or 2 restaurants during that time but I’d love to try more.

  3. Food is one of the best things a city or a place can offer. That’s why it’s nice to take advantage of food tours, because you’ll get a taste of their local specialties! I would definitely take this tour if I have the chance.

  4. You are so lucky to have a food tour, last time I do that was many years ago. i would like to try a food tour at Gainesville.

  5. Although I have never taken a tour in Gainesville I have in other cities & they can be such a blast as you discover so much that you otherwise wouldn’t have known. Some of my faves were Chicago & Kansas City

  6. Food and restaurants is one of the most important things I consider when traveling! The Gainesville food tour looks like so much delicious fun. I’d also love looking at the historic architecture. I think I need to plan a trip to Gainesville!

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