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Welcome to the second edition of random thought Thursday. I don’t know about you but one of the many perks of being a blogger is the food. Yes products are awesome but food now that’s my love. well that and travel but food is a big part.

So you I have been a happy girl these past weeks because I’ve gotten to try some pretty awesome food products. I also have a pretty cool kids product for you too but mainly we are going to talk about food.  

Cool Product Finds This Week 


This label company has some of the coolest labels and tags. Afterall when we send our kids to camp or school we want them to return with all their belongings with these awesome labels they can do just that. 

I will say that the one thing that really impressed me about StickerKid  wasn’t just that they had high quality awesome labels, but that they also had these really great allergy alert stickers. This is really important if your child is allergic to nuts, diary or other items. Plus these stickers can be customized. 


Lightlife Smart Dogs 

Lightlife Smart Dogs are meatless alternatives to hot dogs that are refrigerated-fresh, certified vegan, and Non-GMO Project Verified. They’re grill ready so they are perfect for any summer party. Plus they taste great too.

I like that my family ate them without any fuss. They had no clue until after they had gobbled them up that they were even meatless. To me that was all the proof I needed to know that this was a good product. 


About Farchioni

Of the entire Farchioni offering the real hero is its extra-virgin olive oil Il Casolare, with its slightly fruity fragrance and balanced flavor that make it stand out in even the most refined dishes. Cold pressed using a variety of olives that make it possible to keep the green color and unique flavor unaltered over time, it comes in three versions:

Grezzo Naturale, Grezzo Naturale Fruttato Intenso and Biologico.

I love my olive oil. I cook with it, season my salads with and I even dip bread in it  So when I got to sample some of this European Olive Oil from Farchioni I was beyond thrilled. It tasted amazing and went perfectly with my fresh bakes french bread. I liked that the oil had a beautiful golden color and a smooth texture that showed they took time to make it.

When I started to research Farchioni I learned they were part of the Flavor For Life campaign. I also learned these few facts.

Flavor Your Life is a campaign funded by The European Union and a consortium of European olive oil growers. The program aims to educate consumers on the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Europe, including: Taste, Health, Functionality, Heritage, and Quality.

Today, most consumers purchase and stock only 1 bottle of EVOO in their pantry at a time, compared to Europeans who have an entire cupboard of EVOOs for different occasions. We want to encourage consumers to see EVOO in this way—different oils to complement different meals— just as we do with wines.

EVOO from Europe promises the opportunity for the European & Mediterranean lifestyle, including long family dinners, slow cooked meals, and enjoying exceptional quality. We endeavor to romanticize this lifestyle and transport consumers there—back to simple pleasures—by opening a bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

Where to purchase

Farchioni oil is available at Whole Foods North Atlantic Region (New York metro market), Gourmet Garage in NYC, Best Markets in Long Island and Adams Fairacre north of New York City.



Daisy sour cream has a new squeezable container out now. This new container makes getting your dollop of Daisy so much easier and ok a bit fun to. You can basically squeeze it on everything from a taco to your mashed potatoes. It is definitely making life easier. 


Geekgasm Swap

This week I also signed up for the Geekgasm Swap with my favorite girls Miss Angie and Beth over at Chaotic Goddess Swaps If you want to get in on it just click the highlight words or the cute picture below. Sign ups end July 4th so hurry so you don’t miss out on the fun. 

SO there we are my week in review. There was a lot of eating happening at my house and all of it was good, good , good.  Now excuse me I hear my kitchen calling. 

Let’s Talk: Did you find an item here you had never tried before?  which product do you want to try? 

Disclaimer: I received these items free of charge from various outlets in exchange for my honest opinion. Regardless all opinions are 1001% mine and are not reflective of anyone else. 

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  1. I don’t think I have seen any of the items that you are talking about! I really need to look for those hot dogs. We are changing out eating to a cleaner way of eating and we thought we would have to give up hotdogs. So glad we don’t!

  2. Smart dogs sound interesting. Our supermarket does a great job of highlighting new products in the store. That’s how I find out about things!

  3. What amazing finds!! Love them… and that StickerKid is genius. I mean, how many parents could use this for a million different reasons, allergies included. And I am totally getting that Daisy squeezable sour cream the next time I’m at the grocery store! Smart stuff!
    Karen | GlamKaren.com

  4. Ooh, I’m vegetarian so I would love to try smart dogs! I also think the sticker company sounds really neat! Erin @ Stay at home yogi

  5. OMG I bought the new sour cream container 2 weeks ago and really thought it was amazing. Sorta like buying squeezable mayo…makes it so much easier to squirt a little on sandwiches or a little sour cream on a taco!

  6. I love olive oil too. I try to use it in every recipe that I prepare and I also know how good it is for your health.

  7. Olive oil is delicious to pair with many kind of dish, or just simply bake the food with olive oil. The stickerkid is a brilliant idea!

  8. Growing up in a very Italian household, I’ve learned to have an appreciation for olive oil. The one you discovered looks delicious. I love the idea of stickers that let people know your child has allergies; so smart!

  9. All of this food is perfect with the upcoming long weekend. I love the squeezable sour cream! I’m always trying to smear it, and it never works very well. lol I’m actually interested in the hot dogs. I need to get our family away from the ones we usually have.

  10. The squeezable Daisy sour cream has changed my life. OK well maybe I am being dramatic but it’s the only kind I will buy now. I don’t even care that it is a bit more in price than the tub kind. But seriously – WHY didn’t anyone think of this sooner?!

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