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I attended an event hosted by LiteHouse Foods. I received dinner and a gift bag in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

I recently had the pleasure of attending an event at hosted by LiteHouse. Not only did I get to meet and mingling with other social influencers but I got to meet people from the LiteHouse brand and talk to a register dietician. This was all mixed with a fun recipe demonstration and great food.


Upon arriving at Moxie I was shown upstairs to a cute little dining area were Jenna, Crystal and Morgan all greeted myself and my assistance with such warmth and excitement. we were offered a drink of the cocktail menu and then proceed to talk and mingling with other bloggers. 


(Cutest name plate ever)

After awhile it was time to get things started. Jenna our registered dietitian and writer for blog Make Healthy Easy treated us to her recipe for roasted carrot humus made with LiteHouse Homestyle Ranch. This humus was AMAZING!! Sweet and creamy I am excited to make it at home. After trying Jenna’s humus we all sat down to enjoy one of the best meals ever while we talked and got to ask Jenna tons of questions.


(Just one of the many delicious menu items we ate)

Menu for the night

For the Table

Cheddar Biscuits


Pimento Cheese toast

Fried Calamari + Cauliflower

Pickle Plate


Summer Salad (With LiteHouse Dressing on Side)


Scottish salmon

Pan-roasted chicken

short Ribs


Crispy potatoes


Seared Broccoli 


“Candy Bar” Cake


By nights end I not only had made several new friends but I learned so many ways to make healthier choices(thank you Jenna) including eating a brand of dressing that is made with wholesome goodness and not a lot of additives to keep it shelf safe. I came away feeling empowered about making better choices each day and with the knowledge that I can give my family a tasty healthy meal everyday.


Jenna From Healthy Made Easy showing us her humus recipe


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Let’s Talk: what is one way you make a healthy choice each day? How do you get your kids to eat healthy? 


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  1. Im fortunate that my kids see me eat healthy and they just automatically do it- instead of picking up sweets they grab a green pepper in the store and start to munch. We love LiteHouse dressing in our house we go thru a LOT.

  2. I’m trying to change my dieting habits and really commit on eating healthy food, not only for me, but my kids as well. Humus is absolutely delicious. What a great event, and the menu oh my, fried calamari, yum!

  3. I’ve become more label conscious. I try to buy products that have real ingredients in them and not a bunch of things I can’t pronounce. I also look for products that don’t have sugar.

  4. We usually try the “choose the healthier option” method. No strict rules but say instead of soda, we get juice, instead of potato chips we get nuts or veggie chips. But you are definitely right. We believe health is the most important!

  5. Food events are always awesome! I’m sure it was a lovely experience especially since you were able to try a lot of good food. It’s really nice to be able to attend events like this.

  6. I agree that is absolutely the cutest name tag ever! My kids are starting to want to be healthy and try out new veggies, but most of the time, I hide them in sauces. They have no idea how much veggies they actually eat!

  7. We love lighthouse dressing and I always encourage others to buy the dressing in the cooler section… SO much better on salads bc it has a fresher taste to me. This sounds like a fun event!

  8. Sounds like a fun and delicious event, Rebecca! The menu is packed with so many delicious eats. Now I want to go to the grocery and recreate some of those Summer Salad with LiteHouse dressing! 🙂

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