6 Budget-Friendly Tips to Make Your Washing Machine Look like New



A washing machine is definitely something you don’t buy every day. That is why, you need to consider taking proper care of yours, because washing machines, like the rest of your belongings, require special attention. Moreover, regular maintenance and cleaning might greatly extend your washing machine’s life and spare you from incurring any expenses on repair and technicians. Check out the following six tips to lend your washing machine a new lease of life.

Deep-clean Your Washing Machine Each Month

The more often you clean your washing machine thoroughly, the better. This will not only prolong its life, but will also lend your laundry a fresher, softer feel. Fortunately, you don’t have to clean the washer on your own. All you are required to do is fill the dispenser with your laundry detergent and let the machine complete one or two empty cycles on hot water. This will suffice to remove efficiently all residue and gunk.

 If you don&’t want to waste your laundry detergents on empty cycles, we suggest you prep up your own home-made detergent to pour into the dispenser. For the purpose you are required to mix up half a cup of distilled white vinegar and one table-spoon of baking soda. Add a few drops of essential oil for a fresher, calming scent. Then run the machine through one soak cycle, followed by one rinse cycle to rid the interior of the sour smell.

Don’t Close the Door

Unless, of course, your washing machine is running! Most people skip on this step, leaving their washing machines lids closed after each laundry load. Needless to say this causes mould to build up due to the excess moisture that fails to evaporate. If you leave the door open, however, the moisture inside the washing machine’s drum will escape along with any stale odours.

Invest in a Water Softener 

Hard water (we know, it sounds strange!) is your washing machine’s number one enemy. Hard water typically contains high levels of minerals like calcium and light metals like magnesium. It is the presence of these elements, in particular, that renders the water “harder”, so to speak. Unfortunately, this might have some rather unpleasant consequences for your washer. These include soil and limescale build-up and overall decreased efficiency as the laundry detergents will fail to foam sufficiently. 

Investing in a water softener might sound like an expensive whim, yet it will prevent you from incurring even greater expenses in the future, when your washing machine breaks down and you need to invest into buying a new one. The softener is connected to your water supply lines and exchanges calcium and magnesium for sodium.

Clean Spills on the Washer Immediately

We all have gone through episodes like those – your kid leaves a glass of coke on the washer in your kitchen and you accidentally turn it over. In such cases, you need to act immediately instead of leaving the spilled liquid to dry out. First of all, this will spare you some time and efforts as dried out spills are more obstinate and difficult to clean. And second, moisture might cause rust to eat through your washing machine. That is why it would be best to just reconcile yourself and take care of that spill right away.

Wipe the Outside Once a Week

Treat your washing machine like you treat any other surface in your home, like your furniture for instance. Take the time to wipe the exterior of the washing machine once or twice a week. This literally requires a minute to do, but will add years to your washer’s life. As most washing machines tops have a finish of some sort like porcelain or synthetic enamel, FastHomeCleaning Ealing suggests you avoid using any abrasive detergents when cleaning it. The washer's finish is also sensitive when exposed to aggressive solutions like ammonia and chlorine bleach, so we recommend you substitute those with a soft, microfibre cloth and some mild, liquid dish soap.

No Sharp Tools on Top

Refrain from leaving any sharp or hard tools and items like scissors, keys, vases and the likes on top of your washing machine as this might cause you to scratch the enamel finish we talked about earlier. If you absolutely must keep your keys and scissors on the washer, please do cover the top with a table-cloth and place the items in a small wicker basket. 

As you can see, most of the tips we have provided you with are easy on the budget. Wait, this is actually a huge understatement as in fact, these suggestions won’t cost you absolutely anything, save for the water softener recommendation. Please remember that similarly to any other appliance in your household, your washer needs proper care and maintenance to run smoothly!

This guest post was brought to you by Jade. Jade is from London. She runs a small cleaning company. She loves writing articles and cleaning guides.

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  1. I have a front loading washer and little kids so leaving the door open to let it dry can be tricky that’s for sure but not letting it air dry is horrible! We use the top for a catch all too… time to clear off the washer.

  2. I used to leave the washer open to prevent mold in our old house but with our new set up it is almost impossible and I worry about it.

  3. I have been doing some of these, but I never invested in a water softener that is one thing I need to do. I would prefer to spend on that than to get a new washer or use the washer with high limescale build up

  4. We just recently got a new washing machine, and goodness it does not get dry at all! We have to keep the door open, but then remember to shut it when our littlest goes in to use the potty…otherwise she is likely to crawl in it 🙂 We have a front loader.

  5. You know, I never thought about cleaning a washing machine until I got a front loading one that was prone to mold. It was really gross and we finally replaced it. These are all such great tips.

  6. I never ever thought about doing a deep clean on the washer. We always leave the top open when it isn’t in use… mostly because we were too lazy to shut it/easier to put in a new load when we need to. I guess it’s a good thing we always leave it open though!

  7. Yes! doing a regular “tub wash” cycle (my washer has this as a built in setting) is key, as is leaving the lid open. We still get some weird gunk in ours and need to wipe out part of the inside regularly, too.

  8. I really need to clean the tub in my washer. I hate that funky smell that it tends to get every month or so. I always try to get it super clean, but I am going to be taking your advice. I also never thought to leave the door to the washer open when it is not running a load.

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