5 Reasons You Should Stay at Hampton Inn

Hampton Inn

I’m a Hampton Inn girl. I have stayed at many hotels over the years and have some good stays and some not so good stays but when it comes to Hampton Inn my stays are always GREAT!!  If give the choice I will always choose a Hampton Inn as my hotel or one of their sister hotels. 

If you have never stayed at a Hampton Inn then here are a few reasons why on your next trip you should book a room there. 

Reasons to stay at Hampton Inn 

1. FREE Breakfast

Yep that’s right all Hampton Inn offer free breakfast. Now I’m not talking juice and cold muffins. NOPE!! I am talking a breakfast that includes eggs of some sort, meat, oatmeal, cereal, fruit, muffins, yogurt, and more. Plus coffee, tea, cocoa , juice and milk. I am talking a breakfast fit for a King or Queen. 

hampton Inn

2. 100% Hampton Guarantee

 Hampton Inn offers a 100% guarantee, which is the foundation of their brand. Each employee follows the rules of: Friendly service, clean rooms, comfortable surroundings, every time you stay. If you’re not satisfied, they don’t expect you to pay. That’s their commitment to you and why they stand behind the their 100% guarantee. 

3. Awesome Amenities 

Besides things like bathroom supplies, towels and in room coffee pot. Some Hampton Inn offer microwaves, mini fridge in rooms a well as cable TV. If this isn’t enough for you almost all the hotels offer pools, fitness center, business room and some even have a small store to purchase things like snacks or drinks. 

Hampton inn

4. Comfortable and Spacious Rooms 

All of Hampton Inn’s rooms are clean and spacious. On our most recent stay in St. Augustine our room came with 2 Queen size beds which out teenager loved. Not only did he get his own bed but he says it was roomy and comfortable. I liked that he was happy and that with these beds I still had room to move around. 

5. It Feels Like Home

My final reason for staying here is that it feels like home away from home. Not only is the staff friendly and helpful but there is coffee, tea and cocoa available 24/7 . Plus at some of the hotels they even offer you fresh-baked cookies at night. YUMMY!! 

So the next time you plan to hit the road or air for a trip to unknown adventures just remember to book yourself a room at the Hampton. Because after a day of exploring and making memories its’ nice to come home to a cup of tea and a cookie. 

Let’s Talk: Have you ever stayed at a Hampton Inn? If so what was your favorite part about it? 

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  1. I remember growing up we always stayed at Hampton Inn, because that’s where my parents had credits from! My husband and I are Starwood Members, but I should look into becoming a member with them too 🙂

  2. As a child we tool a road trip from WI to TX. We stayed at a Hampton Inn the first night and were so impressed we looked for them the rest of the way down and back again!

  3. I have stayed at the Hampton Inn before and just like you, I was impressed by free breakfast. I don’t stay at any hotel that doesn’t offer it, especially since I have kids.

  4. We travel a lot for my daughter with lacrosse. Best value is the Hampton Inn. Breakfast is great and the rooms always super

  5. Haven’t stayed at a Hampton Inn since I was a kid! I don’t remember much, I must have been 6 or 7 – now I save up for the swanky hotels 🙂 Might have to give the Hampton Inn a try, it actually looks pretty nice!

  6. I’ve enjoyed staying at the Hampton Inn in the past. A free breakfast is always a big win, and it makes things so much easier when you’re traveling with kids 🙂

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