Summer Under My Quilt by: Crystal Sellers #BookReview

Summer Under My Quilt by Crystal Sellers is a story of loss, home and finding love again. 


Book Description:

Megan Creeway spent the summer at her grandparent’s lake house. Her life had imploded and she didn’t know how to get it back. Her husband was a cheat, her son was outgrowing his mother, and her grandpa was very sick. Seeking refuge from it all, the one thing she did not expect, was to find herself being courted by the very handsome local Pastor.
Reid Stone was finally enjoying his life three years after a divorce. He started over in the quaint town of Lake Charlotte as the pastor of the local church. He quickly made friends yet still led a peaceful quiet life of bachelorhood.


About the author:

Crystal Sellers was born in a small town in Oklahoma where she was raised in the country and lived a very simple life. Her parents didn’t have much, but her needs were always met. Her siblings include one younger brother as well as an older step sister and younger step brother. She was born into a big close-knit family with lots of aunts, uncles and cousins. Crystal was the first-born grandchild on her mother’s side and her papa’s world.
She was born with a disability and went through a lot growing up; seeing doctors, wearing braces, surgeries, and physical therapy was a big part of her young life. Though it never slowed her down. Despite her disability she always found a way to make things happen.
Crystal met her husband just out of high school. They have been married for Fifteen years. They have a teenage son. He is the joy in their lives. Her family is the light of her life and the reason to keep going every day. Also part of the family are three mini dachshund’s; the bosses of the house.
Writing is just one of her passions. A way to escape to a world that she can only dream of.


My review:

Have you ever read a book that made you feel like you were home? that the characters were friends, family and that the imaginary town was your childhood home? Well that’s how I felt about Summer Under My Quilt. It was like going home.

When I first started reading and met Megan I was immediately drawn to her. She was like that high school friend you lost touch with and running into her you just picked up where you left off. When we connect with Megan she has just learned her husband is cheating on her. Having loved Bobby since high school the betrayal is deep.

We then meet Reid a young pastor who has suffered his own heartache. Together these characters learn to let go of the hurt and rebuild their hearts to find love again.  I was absolutely enthralled with this book. It had me from the first page till last. I think the title said it all Summer Under My quilt was really like crawling under a quilt and going home. 

I highly recommend this book as one of your must read summer books. It’s a book the flows well and is well written. It makes for a great Saturday read while sitting by the pool. 

Let’s Talk: What book is on your summer reading list? So you have a favorite author? 

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