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When I travel with my family I am most concerned with staying in a clean, well-kept hotel.  I don’t ask for much as all I need is a somewhere to lay my head for the night. So imagine my surprise when I checked into the Hampton Inn Hollywood FL and received not only a clean room but service that surpassed anything I could have imagined.

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Having an awesome visit at Hampton Inn Hollywood FL - see our review and how Hilton spoiled us.

First when we arrived tired, hot and ready to collapse I was so thankful when the desk clerk offered us a glass of cold water(score one for Hampton team). Then as she quickly checked us in she noticed that we had book a room for 3 people(2 adults, 1 teen) but the room we were given only slept 2. No problem she said and went ahead and ordered up a cot at no extra charge (score 2 for Hampton). 

Photos of our Hampton Inn by Hilton Stay

SAM_6594 SAM_6595

We got checked in and up to our room where we found the room to be clean, well-lit and quite spacious even with a cot in it. Son immediately grabbed his swim suite and we headed to the pool for an even swim before heading to the show we were there for. 

SAM_6597 SAM_6598

Son truly loved the clean pool and I admit I was loving the hot tub. As we came back in to head our room the desk clerk offered us coffee and cocoa to take with us. It was so sweet of her and very much appreciated as coming in wet I was a bit chilled.


After showering and heading out to show or clerk wished us a fun night and she would see us in the morning. We returned late and of course went straight to bed. Let me say the bed was heaven. I have never slept on anything so comfortable at a hotel in a long time. Not only did the linen smell clean and fell nice but the bed was very nice.



Come morning we were treated to a breakfast of eggs, sausage, waffles, fruit, pastries, juice, milk, and coffee plus much more. Everything was delicious and we left with full bellies. Not to mention the kitchen staff gave son a to go bag because he isn’t a morning person and didn’t feel like eating when he first go up. It was so sweet of them. 


I have to say I have never been treated so nicely as I was at the Hampton Inn. That is probably why I always choose them when I can. Plus I like that I earn points with their Hilton Honor program. It truly was a magnificent stay we had with them, I truly felt spoiled. I am so a Hampton Inn girl for sure. 

Let’s Talk:  Have you ever stayed at a Hampton Inn? Want was your favorite part of the stay?

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  1. Seriously, any hotel that offers the complementary continental breakfast gets my first look at my business, and Hampton Inn’s are right at the top of the list.

  2. I have to admit that when I book a hotel, one of my requirements is a fabulous breakfast option. Especially when traveling with my kids. They love it!

  3. I remember as a kid we stopped at a motel while traveling on a family vacation and once we walked into the room my mom marched us all back to the car. She forced my poor dad to go and demand a refund on the spot because the room was so filthy and than had him drive the rest of the way to our destination through the night. The things you remember from your childhood.

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