These Boots Are Made For Walking @YoinsCollection #Fashion

I live in Florida which means cooler weather isn’t always a guarantee.  Seriously no joke it’s December and we are still in the high 70’s low 80’s which is great because I am a cold natured person but it doesn’t always make for good boot wearing weather. Most people are still in sandals and flip-flops. 


That said we did get a couple of cool days recently so of course I immediately got out these new boots I received from Yoins. You seen this mama has an addiction to boots I love them.  I mean like seriously love them that I will choose boots over flip-flops any day of the week. 


Plus I mean look at these boots they are super cute, have the perfect height on the heel and that double buckle is to die for.  Best part they were only 39.95 yep less than forty bucks.  Oh and the quality is top-notch.


Now you may be wondering how does Yoins sell such high quality merchandise for such an amazing price well I don’t know. What I do know is that their items are made of high quality material, consumer services is a joy to work with and delivery to you door is super fast.  They have everything a mama needs to look fierce and fabulous on any day.  


If  you’re looking to get dolled up this holiday season then check out Yoins for all your fashion needs this season. Go ahead go shopping HERE. 


Let’s talk: What is one of your fashion must haves? Are You a boots or sandal kind of person? 

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