Friday Book Club: @HousePartyFun With #HarlequinParty #WhateverYourInto

Reading a good book is like a grand adventure. When you open a new book you step into a whole new world and live the lives of many. To share my love of books and adventures with others is an amazing moment. It is even better when you can turn someone else onto the joys of reading. Like this past week when I hosted an Harlequin whatever you’re into party for House Party.
House Party sent me a box full of fun things to do at my party. From free books to gift cards to giveaway. All I had to supply was the food and guest. For food I choose to go with a buffet of finger foods like tater skins and boneless wings. 
Once everyone got their food and was settled we discussed the books we had read. Everyone seemed to enjoy them and had many great things to say like they found the characters to be well developed and the storylines flowed well. 

 After everyone got done eating and talking about the books we got done to some serious business. Yep you guessed it party games. We played a fun round of fortune teller which had us all in giggles. My neighbor won the fortune teller game but decided to present her winnings to my son for helping her with some chores he was thrilled. Next we took on bingo and well Mom won that game. Now I see why she plays bingo on Thursday night she is good. 

 I must say we had a great time. We had good food, a great discussion and tons of giggles. I really loved hosting this book party and can’t wait to do it again. Plus bonus everyone went home with a new book and a new love of reading. 

Do you enjoy hosting parties? Do you like a theme party or an anything goes type party?

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