Five Great Ideas for What to Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner

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It is common knowledge that you cannot show up empty-handed if you are invited somewhere, especially if it is a Thanksgiving dinner. There are various things you can bring to your host, and here are some great gift ideas.


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If you are planning on bringing food, make arrangements with your host so you can know what to bring.But the best decision is bringing desserts which everyone can enjoy. Find some delicious and  easy recipes and decorate the desert well. Also, you do not want this to be one too easy to make dessert,make some effort and surprise your host with a nice cake or a pie that everybody can share.


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There are a lot of beautiful flowers that go along well with the whole fall and Thanksgiving decorations. If you want to bring a bouquet to your host you should definitively choose flowers that are yellow,brown, red, orange or even deep purple. What is more, you may make and decorate your own  hand-picked flowers and some dry colorful leaves. Another good idea is to arrange the flowers in a basket and decorate with leaves and small pumpkins.

Gifts for Kids

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When you are going to the Thanksgiving dinner you should bring presents for kids, if your host has any.Kids can be easily satisfied with any new toy, and your host would be thankful because you managed to distract them for some time. But if you are not sure what you should buy you can check out some popular ideas at Peters of Kensington. They have many gift ideas for children as well as every other age.Also, you will get some new ideas for gifts for any occasion, other than Thanksgiving Day.

Seasonal wine

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A nice bottle of wine is always a great present. However, since it is fall and Thanksgiving is celebrated, it is a good idea to bring a seasonal wine along with some Thanksgiving themed charms or glasses. This way your host will have a nice present and they can remember you every time they use it, even if you are not present at that moment.


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By bringing a game as a gift to your host, or just for mere entertainment you will not make a mistake.Every person alive likes playing any kinds of games. Board games, card games, charades or any other creative games are welcome. Even if you have only heard about some game, you should propose to try it out after the dinner. If there are children present at the dinner, they will be trilled if you offer them to play a game, especially if it involves adults playing too.

All in all, whatever you bring to your host will be a nice sign of attention. However, you do not have to show up with something ordinary or even boring. Try some of these tips and your host will definitively invite you to their next Thanksgiving dinner.


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  1. Awesome ideas. I host every year and I tell people what I need them to bring 😉 Makes life easier that way.

  2. Normally we just bring an extra dish of food so no one is making the entire meal by themselves. Just thinking of Thanksgiving makes me want to make another turkey dinner “just because”. Mmmmm…. stuffing!!

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