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Good morning my music fans. I hope all is well in your world. Mine is feeling pretty amazing right now. For those of you who come by every week to dance with me you know I am a bit obsessed in awe of Adam Lambert (stop rolling your eyes at me). I can’t help it he is a brilliant performer and that voice is just beyond anything human.  That said I have a point to this post and it’s not all about drooling over how very handsome Adam is though that is obvious to anyone with eyes.
You see this past weekend I won tickets to a HITSSessions being hosted by the radio stations HITS97.3 in Ft. Lauderdale. First let me say I was shocked that I won. Second I totally freaked out when I realized it wasn’t a dream. Driving the 5.5 hours down to the show all I kept thinking was someone would pinch me and it would all be a dream. Of course it wasn’t and yet I was beside myself with excitement. 
It was such an honor to able to listen to The Original High with Adam and get his input on the songs. I find it so fascinating to hear what artists have to say about their music and where their heads were when they wrote a song. It was really enlightening to get Adam’s view on the music, paparazzi, rumors and life that I have even more respect for him and his talent. He truly is a super sweet, talented and smart young man. I could pretty much listen to him talk or sing or whatever he wanted to do for days without getting tired. 
Now the week didn’t end there for me oh no. You see after spending time with Adam and getting the scoop on his new album I then followed him to Miami (no I’m not a stalker). Where I was treated to my first ever fashion show. Yes a fashion show which turned out to be pretty dang awesome. Then I got to enjoy a mini show put on by none other than Adam himself. Here he sang a few songs off the new album and of course treated us to one of his older song that is still one of my favorite. Overall the this mini vacation was the best and it was all about the music for me that I wish I could go back and do it all again. 
Because I had so much fun I wanted to share it with you so here are some videos (not taken by me of course) of what went down this weekend. Just to let you know I was front row at both of these performances so you can imagine how in awe I was. 
So tell me who are you listening to this week? 
1. Hits Sessions video courtesy of HITS97.3

2. Splashion 2015 video courtesy of Butterknife0204

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