Top 3 family-friendly road trips perfect for summer

In the summer months, there is nothing better than packing up your car, grabbing your friends or family, selecting a killer playlist and going on a road trip. It is the perfect way to take in the sights which you would miss by flying or going by train. You can pop into smaller towns and villages, make a detour and completely change your trip at a moment’s notice and just take the trip at your own pace with an itinerary to suit you. Here are three of the best
road trips in the US for families to enjoy.

Taking in the sights of Nevada



Nevada has beautiful desert scenery for you and your family to admire as you drive. Be sure to check out the Red Rock Canyon Loop which is 12 miles long with a visitors’ centre equipped with information about the history, geology and ecology of the area which will be perfect chance for you and your family to learn something new. A great way for adults to stay entertained whilst on the road is to play a game or two at an online casino like With the option to practice your skills before arriving at the city of sin Las Vegas and playing amongst the experts, you will surely minimise the chance of embarrassment!




The Black Hills Loop in South Dakota
Lonely Planet recommends the Black Hills Loop for a family road trip, calling it a “rite of passage for countless kids.” The key stops along this route include Rapid City, the Badlands National Park, and taking in the staggering Mount Rushmore National Monument. It is an ideal opportunity to teach your young children about the history of Native Americans, who oppose the monument as they believe that it is a desecration of sacred land. The visitor centre offers invaluable information about Native American culture and heritage.



The Vermont 100
Stretching from Massachusetts to Quebec, the Vermont Highway 100 is a brilliant road trip for families. With the opportunity for adventure lovers to pop into several ski resorts along the way, or just to enjoy the scenery of the stunning Classic New England towns. Foodies can stop off in the town of Plymouth Notch to visit the Plymouth Cheese Factory which has a fascinating history as well as still producing and selling artisan cheese. If that wasn’t enough, there is also the chance to stop off in the Black River Valley and to try some horseback riding, mountain biking, golf and lots more. All of this making it the perfect route for an adventure-loving family. 

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