Ode to the Writer

So yesterday was one of those days that come along few and far between. I got an email from a local coffee shop/bookstore inviting me to a poetry reading. A local writer was going to be their to read some of his poems and sign autographs so I thought why not. I love poetry and of course coffee is always good no matter what. So I got a ride and went. It was beautiful it reminded me why I love to read and to write. The way he put such simple phrases together to create such work and to bring forth such emotion totally inspired me again.

Sitting there listening to this poet it reminded me how small words like “what” and “if” when alone are just small words but put them together and a slew of uncertainty and self doubt can arise. a simple phrase like “have you ever” can make make you think of things like “have you ever been in love” “have you ever felt loss”. The art of putting words together and making them mean something is so extraordinary to be able to use words to create emotion, fantastical places, imaginary creatures to allow your mind to take flight to worlds unknown and to feel things you would otherwise not. It is a most magical thing.

I am envious sometimes of those who can create magic with their words. For those who write and take us on journeys to unknown places I bow to your talent. For those who read and get swept away, like myself. I hope we continue to let ourselves fall into the unknown worlds that lay within the written word and let the magic of a book or story take us on grand adventures. 

Do you read and get swept away? Or are you a writer that creates magic? 

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