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It’s no secret I love my Snuggle. One
of the perks of being part of the Snuggle Den community is getting to try out
new products as they become available. So imagine my excitement when the new fresh
spring flowers scent showed up at my door. I was beside myself with joy.
You see over the years I’ve learned a trick or
two on how to use dryer sheets outside of the dryer. Which makes having them a
must, here are just a few ways I use my dryer sheets.
De-static your shirts ~ have you ever put on a
shirt and found it hugging you like a kid with eight arms. Well simply take a
dryer sheet and rub down that shirt and it will release its hold on you.
pet hair
~ we all know pets shed worst then grandpa Earl’s hair. So rub a dryer
sheet over rug, chair, clothes or wherever your little fur ball has left their
Clean pots ~ okay so little Suzy decided to
make her boyfriend a fried spam sandwich. She left behind nuclear burnt bits on
your pan. You being the smart mom you are place a dryer sheet and warm water in
pan and let soak overnight. BOOM!! Pan wipes clean in morning.
Car windows ~ we have all heard that
unmistakable splat of bugs on the windshield. Sounds like a little mine
field outside as you drive. Trying to get them off with the wipers only makes a
huge nasty mess. Answer, a wet dryer sheet and a little elbow grease and bingo
clean window.
Freshen up bags ~ whether it’s your gym bag,
diaper bag or a travel bag these things get musty from use. One way to keep
them smelling like fresh spring flowers throw in a dryer sheet. This way no one
knows little Jimmy threw his dirty socks in your bag.
And here is one final way of using a dryer
sheet in the video below. Hope you found there post entertaining and educational.

Now tell me how do you use your dryer sheets? 

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